Grand opening of the “Bierschenke”, featuring the Currywurst



4 London Wall Buildings
Blomfield Street
London EC2M 5NT


9 Crutched Friars
London EC3N 2AU

The grand opening at the new “Bierschenke” started quietly.

But that didn’t last long…

And wherever there is a party, The Sausage Man is not far…

We proudly present:

Michael Juska, managing Director of The Sausage Man, waiting to join the party.

And here he is, already served. Of course, he gets a 1 litre Stein…

And it’s delicious, the German beer.

Our service: fullservice

The “Bierschenke” is a typical beer house customer of The Sausage Man. We can provide restaurants like this with everything they need foodwise for a perfect German experience. Only best quality products are considered, and we will assist from the first idea to the last detail of the menu.

Not only do we provide the well-known German Bratwurst, Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter, Cheese Frankfurter, Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter and various Beef and Pork Hot Dogs – even halal and vegan ones.

We also provide accompaniments like German Mustard  or Sauerkraut, special German meats like pork knuckles, dumplings and spätzle and whatever else you could think of German products.

Tower Hill Bierkeller:

And here come the German Bretzels.

(not with a “P” it’s written with a “B”…)

They’re are prepared for a big party, aren’t they?

It’s planned to sell 450.000 litres of beer in the coming year!

The customers are happy…

The music is loud – and typically German of course. Bavarian, to be honest…

The Currywurst

They do the original German Currywurst, using our famous Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter for it.

And even The Sausage Man himself is happy – of course, it’s the products he loves and sells.

6 Million of them, last year alone!

Look how quick the service is – that’s German efficiency…

It’s hard work – but she still smiles in her typical German “Tracht”.

People are enjoying themselves. Down in the cellar…

… as well as on the ground floor.

Thx a lot for the invitation – it was a great evening!