100% Beef Hot Dogs When You buy From The Sausage Man

You can purchase 100% beef hot dogs wholesale (in bulk as well as smaller quantities) with The Sausage Man - premium sausage suppliers in the UK.

Interview with The Sausage Man

Just for people who are not familiar with The Sausage Man: how long have you been trading and which product was the first one your company introduced to the UK?

We are now exactly 10 years in the business, the first products that we introduced was the standard range of German sausages such as: bratwurst, bockwurst, Vienna sausages, beef frankfurter and weisswurst.

When did you decide to import beef hot dogs?

Right from the beginning, as there was a demand for sausages that weren’t made of pork, so we introduced our 100% beef hot dogs, which are nowadays used by lots of American hot dog places and smoke houses and many other food places who want to offer our authentic smoky beef hot dogs.

Some readers might be curious to know why should they be choosing this sausage above other sausages with pork in them.

It is first of all free from pork, so 100% beef meat, it is beechwood smoked and probably one of the best beef hot dogs available in UK right now.

Beef sausages don’t seem to be as popular as other type of sausages. Why do you think this is so?

On the contrary, it used to be the case but since many of the American hot dog places use them for their Chicago hot dog or the Boston or New York hot dog, they are almost outselling our jumbo pork frankfurter. Our latest addition is the beef chili dog, which is our beef hot dog with added chili flakes and it is already very popular.

What sort of wholesale prices should people be expecting from The Sausage Man if they decided to buy beef hot dogs in bulk?

Our wholesale prices are very competitive and we do offer discounts on bulk orders, however, with the beef hot dogs we are currently not offering any discounts as this goes by the market price for raw material, but I can assure you they are very competitive and worth every penny J please inquire directly with us.

Could you give us some tips as in how to grill this particular sausage? Should we be looking into different timings considering beef gets cooked much faster than pork?

As they are already pre-cooked and smoked, all you need to do is cook them whichever way you like, they work well on BBQs, griddle, shallow fried or even in boiling water or steamed as well as in the oven. Very straight forward, they are done within about 8 min.

You’re obviously beef hot dog wholesalers here in the UK, but which product sells more, the beef frankfurter or the other types of frankfurters?

Righty now the beef frankfurter and the pork frankfurter are both selling equally as good and are very popular with hot dog vendors, restaurants and nightclubs. however our most sold German sausage still is the bratwurst closely followed by the Krakauer sausages and our cheese filled frankfurter on big event such as Music Festivals and German Christmas markets.

Finally, what would you suggest for people who are unsure about which sausage to buy wholesale for their deli or shop.

Just give us a call, as we are the expert we can advise you on which products are most suitable for your shop.

By the way all our sausages are gluten free!

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

For bulk hot dogs prices and availability please contact us today. Remember we are the premium suppliers of German sausages in the UK!