A Reminder of What Makes Us Stand Out As UK Premium Hot Dog Supplier

We’re increasingly becoming the UK’s number 1 choice in specialised catering hot dogs, German sausages and other imported products. It is a well known fact that German sausages are the best, so let’s have a little reminder of what makes us a great choice when it comes to supplying discerning customers with the best quality hot dogs, sausages, imported cold meat and German deli products around.

#1. Absolutely Top Service

We take our German very seriously and that means we go to ANY lengths to make sure we satisfy our customers. Let’s put it this way: we create many of the sausages you buy from us with our award winning butchers in Germany. That’s right, we make our own second to none recipes (no wonder you love our sausages!) from scratch which is a really delicate and thorough process. And we love every step of it.

#2. We Eat Our Sausages Regularly

We eat our sausages. Daily. Many people might not know this, but we actually consume our products on a daily basis. Everyone at the warehouse loves the sausages, each has their own favourite banger. Starting with the bratwurst and ending with the spicier choices, eating sausages is our daily bread. That’s how much we love what we sell.

#3. We Think of Every Customer Type

A premium hotdog supplier needs to make sure everyone is catered for. That is why we keep introducing new products to meet new demands (the market changes constantly).We have a beautiful vegan bockwurst which is becoming a favourite with many of you and we’ve also introduced a lovely halal hot dog. Not only we’re in favour of expanding our product range, we actually want you to challenge us with new products we cold add to our already extensive catalogue. Try us!

#4. An Incredible Range (Have You Seen It?!) of Wholesale Hot Dogs

Importing hot dogs (Uk is increasingly more demanding in terms of specialised and gourmet hot dogs) has become so natural to us over the past 10+ years that we keep extending our product range. So, yes, we cater for all types of customers, but we also pride ourselves in fattening our brochure; we want to wow you when you look at all the different items you can provide your customers with! Ours are no ordinary wholesale hot dogs. We can confidently say they are simply extraordinary ones!

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!