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The Sausage Man discusses vegan hot dogs and other products they import to the UK

Veganism is big and it is growing (see this Guardian article here). More and more customers are interested in these types of products. How are you preparing for this in terms of the products you source from Germany and how are you looking into expanding your umbrella of vegan products in order to grow within this sector of the market?

We are well aware of the ever growing vegan trend, and therefore decided to also cater for the vegan community as they are potential clients who shouldn’t be left out when it comes to vegan sausages.

We currently stock only the vegan bockwurst, which is a smoked frankfurter; this is the most popular product with our vegan clients. We recently added the vegan bratwurst and are expecting it to sell well also.

As the vegan trend grows, we might source further vegan products which always depends on demand. Usually, we have samples of vegan products made for us by specialised vegan companies. We then select the best product by tasting it and also by our customer feedbacks.

Vegan hot dogs suppliers UK

What is your criteria for selecting particular products to import for the vegan community?

We usually go by current market trends, and then add the vegan product if in high demand to our range. Our clients would normally tell us which products they would like to add and we would source the best quality for them.

How are you planning on covering needs in terms of texture and flavour? For example, many vegans firmly dislike the taste of meat, while others might still want to be able to have a product that reproduces the taste but it is simply not meat. This results in 2 different products. Do you think your products can cater for both?

Yes, we absolutely believe that our current vegan bockwurst can easily satisfy both parties. As far as our feedbacks from our customers go, everyone seems to be very happy with the product. The texture and look is very similar to a meat frankfurter, and the flavour is very satisfying almost identical to a meat frankfurter, However, they are 100% made of seitan, which is a vegetable protein.

We believe that our vegan hot dog is truly outstanding and one of the best currently in the market.

You started with the vegan bockwurst. What made you choose this particular product to be first of your vegan range and what are your processes for choosing the final winner?

When the vegan sausage enquiries first came in, we decided to approach the companies specialising in those products and had their products sampled. We then selected the best ones in terms of taste, texture and cooking properties. Afterwords we approached them with our specifications for a vegan frankfurter and had them made.

We believe that our vegan hot dog is truly outstanding and one of the best currently in the market.

Wholesale vegan hot dogs UK suppliers

What is the most important element when it comes to choosing a vegan product? For example, overall experience when consuming the product (taste, flavour) or the actual ingredients and elaboration process? (Or any other not mentioned here).

The most important factors for us are: ingredients, texture taste and look. Another very important part we would look at are cooking properties: we prefer a product which is versatile and can be cooked, boiled, fried or BBQed!

When choosing our products we prefer something which is versatile and can be cooked, boiled, fried or BBQed!

What's next in line in terms of vegan products. And what are you planning in the future - will you become a great source of vegan sausages in the UK?

For now we stock 2x different types of vegan sausages, the frankfurter and the bratwurst. We would like to stick with sausages as this is what our company specialises in.

However, if other vegan things come into large demand, we are always flexible and might add a few more vegan products in the future.

Your bockwurst has proved very popular indeed. What do people like the most when they've tried it? What is the general feedback?

The vegan frankfurter or bockwurst is very popular indeed. I believe the reason people like it so much is the look and taste which is very similar to the meat frankfurter.

We also had people who eat them without knowing they were vegan sausages! Their feedback was like: "Oh, we never tried such a good Frankfurter…."

How do you position yourself as a hot dog and German sausages supplier in terms of growing your vegan range? How would you like the vegan community to perceive you as a vegan product supplier?

we are first and foremost a supplier for German Sausages and hot dogs, however, as our vegan sausages are of very high standard and competitive price we are known with the vegan community and already have many customers who specialise in vegan products only.

We also had people who eat them without knowing they were vegan sausages! Their feedback was like: “Oh, we never tried such a good Frankfurter….”

As vegan hot dogs suppliers in the UK you might want to expand when it comes to your vegan range. Let's give existing, potential or future customers an idea of what they can expect as time goes by.

Our vegan product range will certainly grow over the years as the demand is ever increasing. We already have had samples of vegan doener meat and vegan burgers and schnitzels.

It will be entirely up to our customers what we will include into our range in future. We are always up for new suggestions and strongly encourage potential customers to enquire about vegan products even if we do not stock them yet! As we already work with high quality vegan producers, we can always arrange different items.

Our customers can be sure that they will have the best vegan quality hot dog for the most competitive price possible.

Prices against quality. This is the moment to show off your products. 

The price for our vegan hot dogs certainly reflects the quality of the product. It is a bit more expensive than an ordinary meat hot dog, however, the prices are justified as the process of extracting the vegetable fiber is quite complex.

Our customers can be sure that they will have the best vegan quality hot dog for the most competitive price possible.

Do you offer your vegan products as part of your sample box? Would you consider creating a sample box at some point only of vegan products for discerning customers?

The vegan hot dog is currently not part of our sample box unless the customer specifically ask for it.

However, we usually find out the range of products they would like to offer and then suggest they try also the vegan sausages as they are a good seller.

We already have had sample box enquiries for vegan products only, which we are happy to arrange!

You are well known for being able to supply custom sizes when it comes to your incredibly varied sausage range. Does this also apply to your vegan sausages?

At the moment we stock our standard size of 100g per sausage. As these products are produced for us by special vegan firms, they are flexible when it comes to changing the sizes, but a certain amount per order is needed for this. Check out another interview on this sausage here. And to find out more about this hot dog or talk to us, please get in touch by calling us or using the form on the contact page.

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