Wholesale Black Forest Ham - Uk Suppliers Interview

A variety of dry-cured smoked ham, this tasty meat is produced in the German region known as 'Black Forest', hence its name. Here we ask The Sausage Man a few questions regarding flavour, production, storage and more. We have been supplying wholesale Black Forest Ham to UK's catering businesses for many years now.

Questions and Answers with The Sausage Man about their Black Forest Ham, a product which is part of their extensive premium range.

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This ham is one of the best-selling smoked hams in Europe (Wikipedia claims it's the best-selling one). What does it mean exactly that it comes from the Black Forest region in terms of quality and flavour?

Yes, the Black Forest Ham does come from the Black Forest region, and it is made in a specific way, whereby the raw pork joints are being salted and cured for a specific time and then cold smoked over fir sawdust which gives it the distinctive smoke flavour.

Some companies manufacture a ham which they call 'Black Forest Ham' but indeed doesn't come from this German region. Tell us about your particular product: where exactly do you source it from and why did you choose this particular place above others.

By European law, only licensed butchers working in the region can manufacture Black Forest ham. Our producer is a raw ham specialist located in the Black Forest region, with over 40 years of experience in their family history, they have the know - how and passion for the trade.

Describe the flavour...

Typical south German Black Forest Ham owes it’s distinctive smoky flavour to the potent wood smoke of the fir trees, which grow in higher regions.

How popular is it compared to some of your other products.

The Black Forest Ham in the UK is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, but also most of our other products are constantly gaining more popularity too.

Why would someone choose this ham over other types of smoked hams? Are your customers usually aware of the differences?

The Black Forest Ham is part of the top level of all types of smoked hams (general list of hams here). Since nowadays people have a much broader knowledge and awareness of food, they are curious and always willing to try out new specialities, and since our ham is so versatile and has that smoky flavour people do choose that over other smoked hams.

How long does it last ready to eat once the package is open? What about preservation (unopened), best way to store it and which type of room.

It does last quite long due to the way it has been preserved, about 2-3 month. Once removed from the packaging it is best hung in air which improves the flavour and makes it last longer. Wikipedia has a good article on the different aspects of the ham.

Best way to eat this ham. And your favourite way also.

It taste best when sliced very thinly as part of a cold meat platter. It is also quite versatile in cooking and savoury baking.As the white German asparagus just comes into season this month, my personal favourite is a big platter of white Asparagus wrapped in slices of black forest ham and topped with sauce hollandaise. This popular dish you will find in any traditional German restaurant over the next two month.

When taken out of the fridge, do we leave at room temperature for a while for full flavour?

Yes absolutely, the Ham becomes much richer in flavour at room temperature.

So, in just a short sentence: what's so special about this ham and why should new customers give it a try.

I think the difference or what makes the Black Forest Ham so special is that it is unique in flavour plus smokiness, and it can be used in many recipes.

Is the ham part of your sample box?

Unfortunately, it’s not. We can only sell it by the whole piece which is about 3kg, but if you would like to try, just ask your local delicatessen shop if they can stock it. Many of them are happy to do that, as this product is a perfect addition to any charcuterie.

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