Sausage Man 2016 products brochure

Buy wholesale a wide range of German sausages with the Sausage Man. Find also other premium German products and hot dogs in bulk prices on our latest brochure. Download here.

Interview with The Sausage Man

The Sausage Man Hot Dogs and German Sausages UK Suppliers

Your new brochure is out and there have been a few changes. What's out, what stays, what's new?

Yes, we have made a few additions to our popular range of German products. We added our footlong sausage products, plus a few more hot dogs in various sizes.

How many products are there in total now?

There is quite a range of products now! We keep on adding new products all the time (download link below).

That's wonderful news. Let's remind our readers about the different product categories The Sausage Man caters for

We cater for restaurants with our sausages and marinated meats, for market traders with our hot dogs, German sausages plus all the condiments from mustard to curry ketchup. For catering firms and hotel kitchens, we provide a wide range of products such as smoked cold meats, hams and bacon, sausages and hot dogs plus condiments.

Another market we specialise for is the ever popular German Bierkellers and Beergardens which we supply with the full range from pork knuckles to maultaschen, German pasta, the sauerkraut and of course our tasty German sausages.

That's quite impressive. Now, for existing customers, tell us a bit about your new products.

The new range is mainly focused on hot hogs, they are either pork or beef hot dogs in various different lengths and weights. Many clients have different requirements according to their concept. Also popular are footlong sausages and hot dogs which we supply. Even the German bratwurst and the smokey krakauer sausage we do in a footlong size!

For the indecisive, a new, exciting product they MUST try this year.

The krakauer sausage is a must try! It is smoky and full of flavour. We get a lot of good feedback from new customers who tried this one the first time.

For interested customers new to The Sausage Man it would be good to know a bit about the products in general. The brochure looks fantastic, yes, but please remind your visitors why The Sausage Man is such a great option at the end of the day when it comes to these types of products.

We produce all our sausages and meat products weekly fresh in South Germany to very high standard. In addition we hold a lot of stock of the most popular items ready for immediate dispatch. Also the products we offer caters for a wide range of German food concepts such as market stalls to Bierhalls.

When it comes to German products, we have the know-how and can help you with almost all your questions.

Allergens and gluten free - please remind us about your products in this respect.

All our sausages are all gluten free. They are made of lean meat cuts plus fat and potable water. They do not contain any fillers or bulking agents. Some might contain allergens such as celery and mustard, but they are needed for flavouring.

Do you cater for vegans?

Of course we do. Our latest addition is our vegan hot dog which is an outstanding product. The taste and texture are as close as it gets to a meat hot dog.

Has the minimum order on your latest brochure changed or is it the same?

That hasn’t changed. It is still the same, but do speak with us for options.

On the brochure the first thing we read is: Quality, Value and Service. Could you very quickly describe how would a customer experience each one of these with The Sausage Man?

The products we supply are of high quality and we always endeavour to offer the best prices as we look for long term relationship with our clients. Plus the service we offer is excellent. We always try to deliver as quick as possible, either with our own fleet or with a courier service.

We are also available to talk to even at late hours and try our best to provide excellent customer service.

Can interested catering related businesses have access to samples?

Definitely, we do sent our quite a few samples these days.

Finally, who is the good looking man on the first pages of the brochure?

Haha, this is our quality inspector, to assure all our products are of high standard.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

Don't hesitate to ask us about stock, availability, quantities and wholesale prices on our products today!