Our wholesale hot dogs are truly delicious

As Wholesale Hot Dog Suppliers We Eat Our Sausages Regularly

We eat our sausages at the warehouse. Even though many people might not know this about us, we do consume our own sausages on a daily basis. We simply love them: flavour and quality. But of course, that's us saying it. If you'd like to know what others say about our sausages and premium products please take a look at our testimonials page.

We've been a a trusted UK's wholesale hot dogs suppliers for over 10 years now. Get in touch today for more information on delivery and prices.

Everyone at the Warehouse Loves the Sausages

While it is true we stock a great variety of hot dogs and German sausages, it is also true that members of staff love sausages and eat them on a daily basis. It is also interesting to see how everyone has their own, favourite sausages. Some prefer traditional hot dogs, others like to have the wonderfully cheesy kasekrainer and others prefer halal options.

From the traditional bratwurst to the more spicy products like our beef chili, there's something for everyone at The Sausage Man. Don't leave the site without checking our fabulous brochure.

Gourmet Frankfurters

Easy to Prepare, Easy to Serve

Most of our hot dogs and sausages can be grilled, boiled, pan fried, etc. Some sausages are more delicate than others as they're susceptible from breaking if boiled for too long so if in doubt please ask us about best cooking methods.

There are literally thousands of different German sausages in terms of types/variety; we obviously don't stock them all. But we do stock a large amount, enough for you to be able to offer your customers an interesting variety (remember we also offer custom sizes).

A great way to eat bratwurst is by grilling the sausage browning it. The mild 'Weisswurst' or white sausage should be poached and is great for breakfast. Bockwurst can be braised and the popular frankfurter can be kept warm at Bain Marie temperatures (check out our Bain Marie piece of hot dog equipment).

Each Customer is Different

At The Sausage Man we do think of every customer type. This is the very reason we always introduce new and exciting products as meeting the demands of customers that adopt new culinary habits is important to us. Our vegan bockwurst, for example, is becoming very popular and we also have a vegan bratwurst for discerning customers.

As tastes change and demands ask for higher quality products, we pride ourselves in importing only from the best butchers in Germany. Our award winning butchers make their hot dogs and sausages with the highest quality ingredients. Let's put it this way: our hot dogs are anything but ordinary. Do try for yourself (If you're a catering or food related business you can order our sample box).

Try our Wholesale Hot Dogs and German Sausages

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