Try these delicious hot dogs with cheese inside

Wholesale Hot Dogs with Cheese Inside: a Must for Any Hot Dog Business

As hot dogs become more and more popular, customers demand variety and premium quality. Our hot dogs with cheese inside satisfy both demands, so if you're a hot dog business this is a product you must offer as part of your food menu. Check our testimonials page to see what customers think about us.

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There's Nothing Quite Like Melted Cheese Inside a Hot Dog... Meet Our Tasty Kasekrainer!

Traditional hot dogs come in all shapes and sizes. From pork hot dogs to beef hot dogs all the way to chicken hot dogs, there's always something for everyone.

There's a particular hot dog we think is a must if you're a hot dog business: the cheese sausage or Kasekrainer. Not everybody has heard of it and it is definitely an option that gets customers coming back for more.

Our Kasekrainer has been made with Emmental cheese, which is a superb cheese from Switzerland. You can just imagine how beautifully melty the cheese gets inside the hot dogs when cooked!

A Sausage Everyone Loves

This Krainer Wurst or Kasekrainer has been made with chunks of the beautiful Emmental cheese inside which makes it such a tasty choice for your menu. It was first made in Austria back in the early 1980s (more information on Wikipedia here). 

It can be eaten inside a bun or roll, like the Bratwurst, or with a slice of German dark bread. You can add mustard or ketchup on top which will enhance the flavour, as with most hot dogs. 

This sausage is great for parties. It's fun, it tastes great and people are always pleasantly surprised when they're told about the cheese inside the sausages. 

Enhance Your Menu with This Interesting Sausage

We keep introducing new and exciting products to our range of hot dogs and German sausages (check our product brochure below). Our sausage with melted cheese or Kasekrainer is very popular and hot dogs/catering businesses as well as food establishments in general love to offer them as part of their menu.

Nowadays you have to be able to offer a vast range of hot dogs and sausages, especially if you are a gastro-pub or dedicated restaurant. Customers are demanding premium quality and a range of different hot dogs can satisfy the growing demand.

We import our sausages from award winning butchers in Germany so our products are of premium quality. Our high standards means that hot dogs and sausages have been made with the highest quality ingredients .

Cheese Sausages to Melt For

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