Wholesale Oktoberfest Catering Products: You'll Love the New Range!

Oktoberfest wholesale products suppliers in UK The Sausage Man is proud to offer a great range of Oktoberfest catering products for the discerning customer. Whether you need to purchase our products in bulk or just a smaller selection for your catering business we can provide you with high quality, outstanding imports. We have been UK distributors for many years now so please get in touch to enquire about prices and stock. 

Check out more information on our new Oktoberfest wholesale products this year.

Oktoberfest is back again, we've really taken it to the next level!

Oktoberfest once more! What's new this year guys?

We're very excited about our Oktoberfest product range this year! We have the Mini Numberger (bratwurst), the Rustic Gourmet Burger Bun, the Vegetarian Schniztel, the Jumbo Hot Dog Roll with sesame seeds and the Jumbo Brioche Hot Dog Roll. So, as you can see, a great variety! Plus our other traditional Oktoberfest wholesale products, of course.

Which products are you most excited about? The traditional ones you've been offering for years or your new range of products?

We're really happy to be able to offer both a pork and a vegetarian version of the famous schnitzel. We hope these are bestsellers this year as we can cater for people who eat meat as well as vegetarians. 

Which product would you definitely want your customers to try this year?

Well, all of our products are premium quality and they will definitely add to people's Oktoberfest catering parties this year. But we would like to see the Rustic Gourmet Burger bun, Jumbo Brioche Hot Dog Roll, the Jumbo Hot Dog Roll with sesame seeds and the Mini Numberger (bratwurst) make a big entry!

Giant pork knuckle or mini pork knuckle? Which is most appropriate?

The giant pork knuckle is always an old time favourite, but we must say that the mini ones are really yummy. They are the perfect option for people who cannot manage the bigger option! Give it a try.

The Maggie Hunter Sauce with Mushrooms looks delicious. What exactly is the sauce for / which dish does it compliment to perfection?

Yes, this is a delicious sauce. We think it goes particularly well with pork knuckle and schnitzel. Also the meat loaf is delicious with it! 

And the Vanilla Sauce?

Well, you can say 'no' to some delicious vanilla sauce on top of a piece of Appel Strudel? This is most definitely an all-time favourite! 

What's in the vegetarian Schniztel?

The ingredients are: potatoes, corn, onions, carrot, peat protein, egg protein, spices and breading.

Are you providing Oktoberfest sample boxes? Since time is limited, how can people try/test the products?

We're unable to provide samples as such; however, customers are more than welcome to order smaller amounts to begin with to convince themselves of our outstanding quality!

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