Why use German Sausages in Your Pub?

What could possibly be better than a proper sausage together with your pint in the pub?

Yes, nothing!

But how about elevating the humble sausage to a modern and exciting level? Bring a new flair to the menu and show your customers that you follow the trends? German food in the UK has had a sharp rise over the last few years and people love the quality and taste of the sausages coming from the motherland of Hot Dogs.

That’s why you should consider using our premium German Sausages & Hot Dogs in your pub!

They come in various sizes, tastes and bring many advantages

Pre-Cooked: all our sausages are pre-cooked. This means for you more safety and no cross-contamination from raw meats. Our sausages can even be eaten cold – we Germans love them cold – yeah, you knew we are a little bit different…

Faster cooking times: Compared to raw sausages our cooked sausage get to a proper core temperature much quicker. You can easily half your serving times. Customers will love you just for this.

The low prices of our sausages bring you a good margin. You can elevate them simply with cheap but good ingredients – it’s just about the presentation!

It’s something new! Look on most pubs’ menus. There are the Cumberland & the Lincolnshire sausages and local varieties – but people are getting tired of the same sausages.

As the German Hot Dogs are the basis also for the American Hot Dogs, you can either go German style or American style. Who does not love the smoky, beefy New York Hot Dogs? They have their origin in Germany. You don’t believe us? Read it here…

We have a complete range of kid’s sausages. Kids absolutely love the taste and the texture. Bring a whole new level to your kids’ menu with our 8 to 18 cm beauties. They look stunning and the taste is gorgeous.

And these kid’s sausages work very well as a party platter too. Nobody except some crazy Germans eat 6 or more 150 g sausages. But with our 8 cm sausages, starting at 20g, that’s a totally different story. Imagine a platter with one or two dozen of 5 to 6 different little hot dogs. Yep – people will love it.

But also, our range of XXL sausages brings various options. There is the most loved Bratwurst – with a taste that nobody could resist. Or the smoky Krakauer with bits of Bacon.

Want something beefier? Our Vienna Beef is the right choice and if you want to add a punch, use our Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter.

And for the cheese lovers, we have our Cheese Frankfurter XXL. Proper pork hot dog taste combined with melted Emmental Cheese – yeah, you want it now, straight away…

And they also come as Vegan Hot Dogs. A trend not to miss too. Ours is often called the “best vegan hot dog on the market”. German engineering also works vegan…

So, don’t be late to get onto that trend. You will not be the first pub serving German Sausages. It’s proven and successful. But you can still be one of the early adaptors. In a few years, German Sausages in pubs will be a common thing. Now is the time to jump on and profit from the exciting new products.

You are still not sure? Try our sample box – choose from 15 different sausages. You will absolutely love them.

If you need more help, just call us or send us an email. Our boss is a trained chef – he can give you the best advice. And he’s the reason our sausages taste so good: He eats them everyday himself, so he buys only stuff he loves.

Pubs with German Sausages on the menu

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