A Hot Dog Stand on the High Street…

…is always a winner

Is there any street food more enticing than a classic hot dog stand?

Succulent Sausage Man frankfurters and juicy hot dogs glistening on a rolling grill is a guaranteed way to bring hungry customers to your stand.

We visited one of our valued customers.

This popular little red cart in Maidstone, for a glimpse of our gorgeous sausages in action.

And of course, we couldn’t leave without sampling some of the wares ourselves, accompanied by some very happy customers.

It’s a breeze enticing passers-by to pick their favourite variety.

Pork Hot Dog, Beef Hot Dog, short or footlong & fierry Chilli Beef ones — served up in a fluffy bun with your favourite toppings and sauces.

This kind of delicious treat leaves smiles all round!

The Sausage Man comes fully equipped to be your one-stop-shop for all your hot dog catering needs. From street carts on busy corners to gourmet chalets at bespoke events, we have a range of delicious treats and equipment to suit your vision.

Take the flavour of our smoking bestseller, the Krakauer. Customise it with your favourite toppings—add a twist with the accompaniments that make it uniquely you. Curry Ketchup, Crispy Onions, German Sauerkraut — the options are endless!

Grill it up on an electric or gas grill. Just enough to bring out the deep, smoky flavour and to crisp up that casing to give it that lovely snap when your customers bite into it.

 If you want that classic German sausage flavour, the white Bratwurst works excellently on a grill. We also offer beef frankfurters, such as the Vienna Beef. Or, for something with a twist, there’s our Cheese Frankfurter or spicy Chilli Beef 28cm.

Each of our grill-happy frankfurters come in a range of sizes, from the 20cm to footlong.

If you’re looking for that iconic American style, look no further than our tasty hot dog range.

Pork or Beef in sizes ranging from 20cm to Footlong, they boil up quick and tasty in a bain-marie and are perfect for a rolling grill as they are super straight.

The perfect, easy solution for retail customers and street stands alike.

No customer is forgotten in our versatile range.

We have gorgeous halal turkey and halal beef hot dogs as well as high quality vegan ones.

Thinking about breads and buns?

For that gourmet nuance, try our soft, sweet and fluffy brioche buns. They’re the perfect compliment to a savoury sausage and look a treat on a hot dog tray with their dark sheen.

Or, for that unbeatable classic taste, there’s the 19cm Classic Vegan Jumbo Bun.

We love seeing what our customers do with our products; after all, it’s you who brings them to life.

If you require a solution for your business venture, or just want to share your success with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.