Best beef franks in UK!

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You've arrived. The Sausage Man has become the place to get your wholesale beef franks in the UK. Why? Plenty of reasons. See below and be impressed. You can also visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

As hot dogs wholesale suppliers in the UK we pride ourselves in providing UK catering businesses with high quality hot dogs and German sausages.

100% Beef Meat

What? You haven't heard about us yet? Well, you're in for a surprise! Our tasty hot dogs and sausages will delight both you and your customers.

Take our beef frank, for example. Packed with meat (yes, 100% beef!), this tasty beast has been with us from the very beginning. Businesses can't get enough of it, for starters, we provide it in 3 different sizes. We can also do custom sizes. When we found out the demand for sausages that weren't made with pork meat we decided to import an amazing beef frank from Germany. And so, we did.

Introducing Our Beef Chili Dog

Our beef franks are sold all over the UK, the unbeatable taste and price is just what our customers love about it. We truly believe this is probably the best wholesale beef hot dog in the whole of the UK right now, so we decided to introduce a sibling, the chili dog!

The chili dog is like our regular beef hot dog but with added chili flakes for that extra flavour. It is a bestseller and we think catering businesses should most definitely give this sausage a go!

Beef Franks UK
Beef Franks UK

Unbeatable Wholesale Prices

You can prepare both the beef frank and beef chili frank any way you like. Pre-cooked, they've been beechwood smoked to enhance their awesome flavour even more. A traditional hot dog in the U.S., we're happy to provide our customers with the best beef frank in the UK. 

The Best Beef Hot Dog in the UK!

If interested we can provide this hot dog as part of our sample box so please give us a call to discuss. Only for food related businesses. 

Remember: as beef franks suppliers in the UK we offer great quality at great prices!

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As premium hot dogs and German sausages suppliers we have a wide range of products in our products catalogue. We import our broad range from award winning butchers in Germany, so please get in touch to discuss your order and delivery.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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