Beef Franks UK

Introducing our fantastic selection of Beef Hot Dogs and Frankfurters.

Hot Dog in a roll on a wooden board nicely decorated

Beef Hot Dog 15cm, 26cm & Footlong

These tasty treats have been with us from the very beginning. One of the reasons for their popularity could the fact they come in three different sizes (18cm, 26cm & 30cm Footlong). However the unbeatable flavour has definitely helped these hot dogs become adored by all. Add these onto any menu – they are a great all rounder. 

Vienna Beef Frankfurter 20cm

Check out our Vienna Beef Frank. Created with beef for that great steak taste – businesses can’t get enough of it. 20cm in length with a mini 8cm version avaliable. Perfect addition to any menu, especially those wanting to create the perfect American dog!

Two Vienna Beef sausages in roll with sauce, chips and sauce on the side.

**NEW** Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter 28cm

Our beef franks are sold all over the UK, the unbeatable taste and price is what our customers love about it. We truly believe this is probably the best wholesale beef hot dog in the whole of the UK, so we decided to introduce a sibling, The Chilli Dog!

The Chilli Beef Frankfurter is similar to our regular beef hot dog but with fiery chili flakes added throughout. If you are looking for a typical New York style Chilli dog, this is the product for you. This bestseller comes with a serious kick – go on and give it go!