When Buying Beef Hot Dogs Wholesale Look for the Extras!

In this article we will talk about those extras that make our beef hot dog that extra special. We believe a hot dog should always have premium ingredients, yes, but there are other elements like the snap, amount of meat, allergens, type of casing, added juice and other ingredients for enhanced flavour that take this particular hot dog to the next level. Read on!

We are UK suppliers of beef hot dogs as well as Vienna beef hot dogs.

Wholesale Beef Hot Dogs: it is the Extras that Count!

Beef hot dogs are top dogs for some people.

Maybe pork meat is not part of your regular diet but you still love a good hot dog!

Beef hot dogs are not only truly delicious but a fantastic alternative to pork hot dogs for many. Beef hot dogs are also known as American hot dogs and we believe at the Sausage Man that we have the BEST beef hot dog available in the UK right now. We take a lot of pride in the hot dogs and sausages we import from Germany. We spend a lot of time making sure we choose the best suppliers and look at many things in terms of our criteria when choosing. We're fussy and so should you: never settle for a less-than hot dog... ever! We want you to keep your customers very happy.

We found an interesting article regarding some people having tried different brands of beef hot dogs. The comments are actually quite insightful. They tasted fifteen different makes of hot dogs, making sure that the brands were more than good enough to go through the test (also mentioning some hot dogs are arguably filled with not-so-healthy ingredients). There were many insights regarding the end-results (some of their favourites didn't really make it to the top). Here's the link if you'd like to take a look at the brands they tasted and the results they came up with.

As UK suppliers & distributors for many years now, we agree that a true hot dog needs to be top notch when it comes to quality. There are certain things that make one hot dog better than another besides great quality ingredients. There's the snap, for example. Everyone loves a great snap when it comes to biting their hot dog. There's something about your teeth falling into the softness of the bread and meeting up with that delicious hard, oily surface that the hot dog has when grilled... and once the teeth finally bite, that snap cannot be any less than absolutely perfect!

Allergen free sausages and no fillers are not bonuses but musts. Our Vienna beefs, for example, also have added veal fat for that extra juice which we are very proud of. Our beef hot dog, for example, is 100% beef meat: so there's NO OTHER MEAT in it other than beef. This might not be the case with other hot dogs and sausages, so we prompt you to always be weary of the percentage of beef when looking at the ingredients. When buying your wholesale beef hot dogs you want to make sure you're getting 100% beef!

When it comes to 'extras', variations in flavour are also very important. We decided to bring to the UK the beef chilli as people here love a bit of spice with their dishes (Indian food is extremely popular, as an example). That extra bit of chilli is something that many of our customers love - it just takes the hot dog to the next level. And we're all for experimenting with new textures and flavours.There are so many 'best beef hot dogs' out there (check this article, for example) but we think that when it comes the THE WINNER beef hot dog, NOTHING (absolutely nothing!) beats GERMAN.


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