Buy Gourmet Hot Dogs Wholesale with The Sausage Man

The Sausage Man has been a gourmet hot dogs wholesale supplier for well over 10 years now in the UK. With an array of discerning customers our products cover a wide range of imported meats and sausages from premium German butchers. For more information please contact us on 020 8857 9957. 

Goodbye Greasy Sausages... Hello Gourmet Hot Dogs!

There's nothing worse than a greasy hot dog that tastes dull and has no bite to it. Many hot dogs in the market today just don't have that flavour that is needed for the sausage to have that lovely, snappy magic to it. Also it is very important to take good care of the ingredients - here, at The Sausage Man we pride ourselves for importing delicious gourmet hot dogs from Germany. As premium sausages and Vienna beef distributors we make sure our sausages come from the best butchers we know.

When cooking your gourmet sausages on a BBQ they need to look and taste simply wonderful. Tinned sausages do the job when you're in a hurry and need to prepare something quickly for your lunch, but when providing friends and family to a delicious garden BBQ or if you are a restaurant owner or deli owner you need to take it that much further and stock something that makes your friends, family and customers understand straight away they're in for a treat.

The Best Ingredients Only

All our imported sausages have been made with the best ingredients. Please download our brochure to have a look at our wide selection and you will see straight away why our reputation precedes us. Cheap hot dogs are usually tasteless and haven't got that bite to them. You should also check the ingredients when buying these type of sausages.

At The Sausage Man we import sausages and meats weekly. With over 10 years experience importing wholesale products into the UK we know exactly what the British customer likes and deserves. We also offer a selection on fantastic toppings which you can buy wholesale from us. If in doubt of which topping is the best for your business please do get in touch and we will be delighted to help you with any query.

In this article you'll find 12 delicious German sausages we think you should know about. We import most of these, if there are any particular sausages from the list you think you must try please get in contact and we will do our best to import it from Germany. They are all delicious!

Our Wholesale Gourmet Hot Dogs Come From Award Winning Butchers

Our selection covers a wide range of different sausages; you'll find something for everyone! Our professional team will help you choose the best product for your particular needs, we are delighted to let you know that we can also provide most of our hot dogs and sausages in custom sizes so you can really take the sausage experience to the next level!

Affordable Prices, Unbeatable Taste

At The Sausage Man we also know that the quality of our products together with excellent wholesale prices is simply unbeatable. Try for yourself and ask us for a sample box. Send your details using the form here and someone will be in touch with you very soon.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

For more information on buying large quantities of hot dog toppings at fantastic wholesale prices do contact us today