5 Reasons Gourmet Hot Dogs Wholesale Can Change How Your Business Is Perceived

Get wholesale gourmet hot dogs in the UK and avoid looking common

Nowaydays many hot dog establishments cater for a variety of products due to the demands of customers who are being spoilt with many different choices. And while it is true that the hot dog is s till a favourite quick snack or street-food hunger-treat, there is no doubt that in order to go above and beyond competitors you'll need to supply your customers with something better. So say hello to your today's mouth watering banger: the gourmet hot dog.

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Gourmet Hot Dogs: Jump to the Next Level of Hot Dog Catering!

We've all tried cheap 'Frankfurters' and (admittedly) have liked them. They made our lunches and birthday parties when we were young and inexperienced with the pleasures of good quality food.

We then tried homemade burgers and realised that those flat, greasy 'things' that were being cooked for us on the streets of certain cities where simply not that great.

Finally, we ventured into some pubs and restaurants and ordered bangers that were more expensive that what we would have been prepared to paid for... only to realised they were worth every single penny.

Here's how a good sausage can have your customers be back for more in no time.

#1. Size Matters - Gourmet Hot Dogs Are Usually Bigger

Leaving on the side the fact that we would be paying for a better quality sausage (usually a MUCH better quality sausage), we do want to be able to 'see' what we pay for. And gourmet sausages are usually longer or thicker or both. So, contrary to what others say, yes, size matters.

#2. Good Looks - Gourmet Hot Dogs Look Better

These hot dogs usually come with the whole shebang: great looking buns, great looking sides dishes, great looking toppings and great looking display in general. The size and the looks will win any customers every time because they will know they're getting a good meal.

#3. Two in One - Gourmet Hot Dogs Look Like Proper Dinner

While the hot dog experience usually refers to the 'quick snack' you get as you stroll down the street (after watching a movie at the cinema, for example), a gourmet hot dog can give you a totally different experience. These sausages would be part of a restaurant's menu and so you're given a proper dish which you would enjoy while you sit down. It can still be eaten as a 'snack', but you'll usually find the gourmet hot dog be part of a menu that offers more 'classy' dishes than the street hot dogs (if you own a restaurant it would not be a good idea to offer smaller or non-gourmet hot dogs unless you want to be perceived in a particular way, like a breakfast cafe, for example).

#4. Better ROI - Gourmet Hot Dogs Can Earn You More £££

If you do your maths correctly you'll see that you can make more profit per gourmet hot dog over their 'lesser' versions. You can't really add much on top of a cheaper hot dog because you are selling a cheaper product, if that makes sense. But with a gourmet hot dog you can add in proportion quite a bit more so you end up earning much more per sausage. This is something some people don't give much thought to: they just think that cheaper sausages will give them a better return on investment, but if you look at the maths this could be an incorrect assumption. Also, because they're already sitting to enjoy a dish rather than a 'simple' hot dog, your customers will ask for other products that add to the ROI, like drinks and dessert. **A hot dog stand is cheaper to maintain but a pub or restaurant could and should benefit from the ROI a gourmet hot dog can bring them.

#5. Different Options - Gourmet Hot Dogs Add Variety to Your Menu

You can't really have a selection of 'cheap' hot dogs. You would probably just have the banger that 'does the job'. With gourmet hot dogs you can offer a variety of, let's say, 3 or 4 different sausages for the customer to choose from. They don't even have to be listed as different dishes; you can have just the one hot dog dish on your menu but offer a selection of gourmet hot dogs for your customer to choose from.  

Don't Risk Looking Cheap & Nasty!

As you can see not always cheaper versions of hot dogs will be more beneficial for your business; and offering good perception is probably more important in order to have your customers keep coming back for more as well as talk about you favourably. If your food business offers a menu with a variety of dishes, gourmet hot dogs will most definitely make your business look classier.

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