Hot Dog Rolls Wholesale: Choice of Sesame, Brioche or Soft White Baguette

Ready to enjoy our new hot dog rolls wholesale? In addition to our regular delicious soft white baguette we've decided to also provide your discerning customers with two new hot dog buns. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

The Hot Dog Buns: Soft, Delicate and Outstanding!

Our Delicious Jumbo Hot Dog Roll with Sesame

hot dog roll wholesale

Already sliced!

You can now transform your hot dogs into top dogs with the fantastic jumbo hot dog roll with sesame. We truly believe this is the ultimate choice for outstanding gourmet hot dogs. It comes already fully baked so all you have to do is thaw and serve. Hinge sliced, 19cm in length and weight 80gr.

Made with wheat flour, these hot dog rolls are perfect for our tasty bacon frankfurter although you can serve with any of our gourmet hot dogs and German sausages. Shelf life: if frozen, 10 months, defrosted, 3 days. Minimum order: 36 units (each case comes with 36 unites). Give this hot dog roll a try!

Our Sweet Jumbo Brioche Hot Dog Roll 

wholesale brioche hot dog roll bun

Already sliced!

Brioche is all the rage at the moment. Everyone is going crazy for them, and we couldn't leave you without the perfect brioche hot dog roll to be served with our delicious gourmet hot dogs and German sausages.

Deliciously soft and light with a lovely, delicate sweetness, this roll comes already baked so all you have to do is thaw and serve. Already hinge sliced, 19cm in length, weight 80gr.​

The Soft White Baguette: Tasty and Good Looking!

Our Beautifully Soft White Baguette

Wholesale soft white baguette for hot dogs

This baguette tastes good, looks good and is perfect to house your gourmet hot dog and German sausages. Hinge sliced, 28cm in length, weight 140gr. 

Why not try all of the above? That way your customers will have a choice when it comes to their hot dogs. Variety is always great so customers feel they have an option when ordering.

Don't Forget to Top with Our Fantastic Meat & Vegetarian Hot Dog Topping Choices

Meat: Smoked Bacon Rashers, Chilli con Carne, BBQ Flavoured Pulled Pork

Our bacon has been very thinly sliced and is similar to streaky bacon or pancetta. Fabulous as a crispy topping. Many people go crazy for chilli con carne; ours has been made with 27% beef, kidney beans, peppers and onions. Our slowly cooked BBQ pulled pork comes already boneless and pulled. It's delicious.

Vegerarian: Jalapeños, German Gherkins, Sauerkraut, Crispy Fried Onions

For your vegetarian customers we have a choice of Marco Polo sliced Jalapeños - their sour tanginess is perfect as a topping. If you prefer the texture and mustardy flavour of gherkins then our German premium gherkins are the perfect choice. For more tanginess with that extra juiciness nothing tops sauerkraut. Finally, crispy fried onions is a loved topping by almost everyone, including children.

Give Our Wholesale Hot Dog Rolls and Buns a Try!

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