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3 Products that as Hot Dog Sausage Wholesalers We're Proud to Supply

Offering premium products is paramount to us. But there's more to a hot dog catering business than just superb hot dogs and sausages. The perfect grill machine, great quality sauces, tasty hot dog toppings and promotional products are also extremely important. If you're offering hot dogs as part of your menu The Sausage Man is your perfect supplier. Please check our testimonials page to see what our customers think about us.

If you're looking for hot dog sausage wholesalers The Sausage Man is your UK supplier. Please get in touch for more information on delivery, stock and prices.

Take Your Hot Dog Business to the Next Level

We have grown into a successful business in the last few years. We believe our success is due to the time and care we put into selecting premium products. As hot dog wholesalers we are proud to import German hot dogs and sausages that will take your business to the next level. We truly believe high standards and good quality are part of what drives customers to keep coming back again and again.

There are other things to take into consideration besides offering good quality products to your customers. An overall approach to the finest ingredients and final presentation are also necessary. When it comes to serving hot dogs presentation is important (the right bun and toppings, for example) so attention to detail is always a must!

Here we show you three products we think will help your business if hot dogs are part of your menu. Take a look below.

Helpful Hanging Sauce Dispensers

Our hanging sauce dispensers are simply fabulous. Watch our video below and see for yourself.

The video thumbnail already shows you the potential these superb hanging sauce dispensers have. Hovering over a beautiful stainless steel stand, the quality of the item speaks for itself. No mess, no spillage, just simple, clean and easy!

In the video we show you how to take the plastic containers apart, how to needle in the dispenser and how to place the refill sauce bag inside the container.

Good Quality Hot Dog Toppings

We think your hot dog toppings should be as good as your hot dogs. At The Sausage Man we supply meat and vegan hot dog toppings. Have a look at the video below.

Our meat hot dog toppings include: smoked bacon rashers, chilli con carne and pulled pork (chilli con carne and pulled pork ready to serve - the smoked bacon rashers will need to be cooked). These toppings are also great for burgers and sloppy joes.

Our veggie toppings include: jalapeños, gherkins, gherkin relish, mild sauerkraut and crispy fried onions. These tasty hot dog toppings can truly take your hot dog to the next level. Mix them together with our superb condiments (see below) for a perfect finish. For more information on our hot dog toppings please visit our hot dog toppings page.

Tasty Condiments

Condiments are important when serving your hot dogs and sausages (or other type of fast food, i.e. burgers). 

At The Sausage Man we supply classic ketchup, curry ketchup, German mustard (medium, sweet and hot) and deli mayonnaise. Check our video below for more information.

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Or download a digital copy to your computer today. Check out all the different products we supply catering businesses with; we can assure you there will be something for the discerning restaurant, gastro-pub, hotel, hot dog trailer or stand, etc. If you're looking into offering great quality, premium German sausages, call today for a chat.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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