Jumbo Hot Dog Rolls at Wholesale Prices

Introducing our Jumbo hot dog rolls and the brand new Brioche bun. We keep making it easier for hot dog catering businesses to serve the perfect hot dogs. Therefore, we decided to supply a new, top sliced brioche bun. Check out our jumbo hot dog rolls, we believe they’re superb for any hot dog catering business. 

Transform your Hot Dogs into Top Dogs!

Over the years we’ve supplied baguettes and jumbo hot dog rolls, always trying to improve on the products we import according to our customers’ different needs. In fact, all of our rolls are pre-sliced. However, we now have a fantastic top sliced roll. Our latest product is a fantastic top sliced Brioche Jumbo Hot Dog Roll we’re really proud of.

Of course, our already exisiting Classic Jumbo Vegan Hot Dog Rolls are top quality. Truly, we believe you can transform your hot dogs into top dogs with these. The semolina flour on top enchances the taste and texture to make these rolls a brilliant choice. In addition they are perfect for your vegan customers as well. Ready to serve, you just need to thaw and serve.

Hinge sliced, Length: 19cm, Weight: 95g.



6 jumbo classic hot dog rolls in a packet

Our Brioche Jumbo Hot Dog Roll

We keep improving the products we import and supply UK customers with. For example we are now introducing our new Brioche Jumbo Hot Dog Roll, made with free range eggs.

Our beautiful Brioche roll is deliciously soft and very light, with a lovely, delicate sweetness. It has been made with butter and free range eggs. In detail, they are fully baked, you only have to thaw and serve. This is just such a superb bun for your hot dogs!

Top Sliced, Length: 21cm, Weight: 80g