Oktoberfest Food – boost your profit!


THE Event in Autumn

A German Oktoberfest with typical German food has become more and more popular in the UK over the last few years. We think the combination of boisterous cheerfulness with German food (and of course with an added “Stein” of Bavarian beer) makes it incredibly attractive. Especially this time of year, when the cold weather and the shorter days can creep up on your mood.

The Oktoberfest celebration has been around in Germany since 1810 – such a long-standing tradition with exceptional success and appeal must be a special thing worth replicating here in the UK.

What’s more, the local availability of German products these days makes it easy to set up a perfect and rustic German Oktoberfest. Such an event can be highly profitable for caterers or restaurants serving German Oktoberfest food. After all, what goes better with a cold beer than a hot Bratwurst, a smoky frankfurter or a German style meatloaf? Good beer and good company works up a good appetite, and Oktoberfest has the formula for a perfect day out!

“People just love German Food and beer at this time if the year” says Michael Juska, Managing Director at The Sausage Man.

“It’s our second busiest time of the year after the Christmas market period. And the products we sell are the traditional sausages as well as some specialities you rarely find otherwise in the UK” Michael continues.

“And even for us, being 15 years in this business, its always a highlight of the year to visit an Oktoberfest. This year we will definitely visit the Doktoberfest and the Munich Cricket Club.” Of course, Michael knows that there is the best German food available – its from The Sausage Man!

We at The Sausage Man provide the full range of Octoberfest food and accessories.

Here are our personal favourites, but you can find our full range in our Oktoberfest brochure.


The ultimate German sausage. The sausage of choice in Germany has just been taken to the max, with the XXL and the footlong version.

Exquisite pork and herb filling, with a natural casing for the ultimate tasting experience.

Bratwurst XXL 25 cm

Bratwurst footlong 30cm

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter

A deliciously smoked pork frankfurter with bacon bits throughout, offering an amazing BBQ taste that will not be beaten.

The best-selling Sausage Man frankfurter comes in XXL and footlong size.

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter footlong 30cm

Weisswurst Munich style

This signature sausage comes from the Bavarian region, its name literally meaning ‘white sausage’.

It is a traditional sausage in Germany made of minced pork and veal and is usually boiled. It’s a breakfast sausage that goes especially well with the first beer of the day.

Other ingredients are added to enhance the flavours like parsley, onions and cardamom.

A real delicacy, and an absolute must for Oktoberfest themed menu’s!

Weisswurst Munich style 12cm

Pork & Beef Giant Meat Ball

German giant meatballs, also known as a Frikadelle, are bigger and flatter than a traditional meatball. They are often seen by some as a German burger.

However, these mixed Beef and Pork meatballs are seasoned with onion and spices to make beautiful tasting patties with real presence on a plate!

Pork & Beef Giant Meat Ball 200g

Pork Schnitzel

The pork schnitzel is a pork loin cutlet (the salmon cut).

Seasoned, flattened, flavoured and breaded this crispy breadcrumb coated cutlet has a beautiful taste and a real treat at any mealtime.

Simple to prepare the full pork flavour shines through to compliment a range of sides and accompaniments.

Pork Schnitzel 180g

Pretzel with Salt Topping

A ready baked, German salty pretzel.

Dough shaped in to a twisted knot, these snacks are most commonly placed on an Oktoberfest table and shared by everyone.

But their crisp casing and soft insides make them great at any time of year!

Pretzel with salt topping 15cm