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List of Wholesale Premium Sausages - Part 2

Continuing from our last post, we've decided to add some more interesting products in this post so you can get familiar with some of our sausages' sizes, ingredients, best cooking methods and other facts. Have a look below and don't forget to check out what others say about our products by visiting our testimonials page.

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Add Variety to Your Menu

In our last post we showcased our beef Vienna sausages, the famous bratwurst, the popular jumbo frankfurter (perfect for hot dogs!), the delicious cheese sausages with real Emmental cheese and our bestseller: the bacon frankfurter.

Today we will talk about our tasty paprika sausage, the exciting beef chili frankfurter, our popular pork hot dogs and, of course, our beef hot dogs.

Some of Our Fantastic Sausages


  • 80 / pack of 6 / 80% pork
  • Natural casing, unique paprika flavour, red colour
  • Best for cooking and flavouring dishes or as a grilled snack
  • Available in one size
Wholesale Giant Beef Chili from UK's hot dogs suppliers The Sausage Man


  • 160g / Pack of 10 
  • Natural casing, 28cm long, precooked
  • Flavourful, not too spicy
  • Best way to cook: grilled, pan fried or with any stew
  • Available in one size


  • Available in 3 sizes: 18cm, 26cm and Footlong
  • No casing, straight pork hot dogs are the ultimate hot dogs experience!
  • Precooked, great for Bain Marie, BBQ flat grill or pan fried - a great all-rounder
  • 18cm pork hot dogs are great for kids


  • Available in 3 sizes: 18cm, 26cm and Footlong
  • No casing, straight beef hot dogs just like in New York!
  • Best cooking method: boiled, grilled, in the oven or pan fried

Very Popular Premium Products

We have a lot of variety regarding the products we supply and as UK's premium hot dog and German sausages supplier we wanted to showcase our products across a number of entry posts so you could have a sense of what each product entails.

We will link to the other posts below so you can have a look at all the hot dogs and sausages listed.

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