Sausage Man Affiliate PRogramme

We’re extremely proud of the sausages we sell and we know our customers love them too. We get great reviews, both for our products and our customer service, and we are eager to grow awareness of our brand across mainland UK. To do this, we need people like you to join our growing Sausage Man Affiliate Programme now. It’s quick to register, easy to get started, and will help you start turning your swipe-ups into income now

We’ve been working with a lot of enthusiastic bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers, already. The Sausage Man Affiliate Programme is also a way of giving back to those people in our social media circles who have been helping us get our name and products out there, just for the love of good sausage. We hope that if you have sampled and promoted our products in the past, you will continue to do so now we have a way of monitoring and rewarding your efforts.

We want people who are as passionate about our German sausage and other speciality foods as we are. That’s why all those accepted on to The Sausage Man Affiliate Programme will receive a welcome pack filled with German sausage (among other things) to help you understand what we’re all about. We are always interested in collaboration opportunities with our affiliates, and can provide professional photography/videography resources to cover your events – as well as support with sausage!

Like the sound of what you hear so far? Then please get in touch now. We don’t necessarily require huge numbers of followers, as we also look for people who are active in their community and for relevance to our brand. Please note though, that Instagram requires you to have 10k followers before you are able to use the “Swipe Up” function on Stories to link directly to our site – which will make things a lot easier for you.  

The Sausage Man gets a lot of requests for the German dishes that their customers can’t find anywhere else in the UK. Sometimes from German customers craving a taste of home, or from forces veterans missing the dishes they had while stationed in Germany. A lot of Sausage Man customers have either lived in or visited Germany and found they loved the food. If you publish to former British Forces Germany (BFG) personnel/veterans, or to German people now living in the UK, we want to hear from you.

We love working with people who promote great food and original recipes on their channels, and are always happy to explore new ways of cooking with our sausage. We have worked with people active in the British BBQ community, supporting events at BBQ based businesses and the efforts of individuals alike. If your blog or vlog is all about great food, making and/or eating, then we want you on The Sausage Man Affiliate Programme.

The Sausage Man also loves working with the huge range of professional catering businesses who have been using our products for over 15 years in the UK. We’ve arranged promotional video shoots at pubs, restaurants, food stalls and drive-in movie theatres – creating tailored rich media resources promoting both our and our customers’ businesses. In short, if you have any professional connection with German sausage, we want to hear from you.            

Sausage Man Affiliate Programme Benefits

  • Sample boxes of Sausage Man products for blog/vlog affiliates
  • High introductory commission offers
  • Competitive regular commission rates
  • Reward commission rates for top performing affiliates
  • Opportunity to run innovative campaigns
  • Channel Parameter – ability to see true influence in marketing mix
  • Regular offers and tailored incentives with custom discount codes available
  • Dedicated AWIN Account Management team

You can find out more on our AWIN Advertiser Page here – but be sure to contact us first if you’re new to AWIN and want to apply, as we can send you an invitation code to bypass the initial sign-up fee (currently £5). Being on AWIN will also give you the opportunity to work with lots of other Advertisers, helping you establish your new Influencer/Affiliate marketing business.   

Sausage Man at Altons BBQ World

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Drive-In Movie Sausage

Sausage Man Cinema – At The Drive-In 

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If you’re interested in joining The Sausage Man Affiliate Programme, then let us know. Give us a call on 01322 867 060, or simply contact us online now.