Where do you produce your products?

We produce mainly in southern Germany but also in other parts of Germany.

Are they chilled, frozen or ambient storable?

You can store them frozen and chilled.

Can your products be frozen?

Most of our products can be frozen.

Are your sausages Gluten free?

All sausages except the Vegan Hot Dog we supply are gluten free.

Are your products pre-cooked?

Yes, all our sausage products are pre-cooked.

What length and weights are your sausages?

They range from 80g for the cooking sausages, to 110g for the Jumbo sausages up to 200g for the giant foot long sizes.

Which sausages are best for hot dogs?

The best sausages for hot dogs are our Pork or Beef Frankfurters, they can be supplied with casing or without, please speak to one of our meat specialists.

Do you make footlong sausages?

Yes we do; the Bratwurst and our Krakauer sausage we produce in footlong size.

Can you make custom sizes?

Yes we can on most of our sausages. Any length or weight can be made, minimum volumes are required.

Do you have any vegetarian/vegan sausages?

We do a 100g Vegan Hot Dog, also made in Germany.

Who are your customers?

Our clientele ranges from restaurants, bars, pubs to caterers in general.

Do you deliver anywhere in the UK?

We can ship our goods to anywhere in the UK, using third party transportation.

How do you sell the sausages: by packs or cases?

All the sausages we sell by packs or cases depend on your preferences.

What is in the sample box?

A standard sample box contain our most popular 6 types of German sausages, but if you request any specific sausages we can send as samples.

Can I set up an account with your company for future orders?

We kindly ask for payment in advance to our business account for all the orders or cash on delivery for our London deliveries by our own drivers.

Can I pay by card over the phone?

Yes, we accept payment by bank transfer, cash, debit and credit cards.

How long is the shelf life of your Sausages?

Fridge temperature 7-28 days and frozen up to 180 days.