New Big trends: Vegan & Flexitarian

Vegan Sausage / Flexitarian Hot Dog

Add the trendy option to your menu!

Importing Premium Vegan Hot Dogs from Germany

We import the best vegan hot dogs (or call them frankfurters, bockwurst) from our award winner suppliers in Germany. 

The ultimate Vegan hot dog option. Made from seitan and beechwood smoke, they taste exactly like a meaty frankfurter. The perfect hot dog to supply the rapidly growing UK vegan market.

Made in Germany and Free of Preservatives

Our vegan hot dog sausage are made in Germany and totally free of preservatives.

We have go to lengths to make sure that we source our product from the best suppliers so when they reach your premises you can rest assured that customers are being offered only premium quality.


100g | Pack of 3

Don’t reduce the Vegan Hot Dog only for vegans.

Get into the much bigger flexitarian market.

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