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Price (per kg): £10.99
Unit Price: £1.09p per sausage
Length: 20cm

Importing Premium Vegan Hot Dogs from Germany

We import the best vegan hot dogs (frankfurters, bockwurst) from our award winner suppliers in Germany. There is no doubt that more and more individuals are turning to alternative options when it comes to their nutritional choices as well as there being already an established vegan/vegetarian market for these types of products. We are aware of this and we keep up with the trends and dietary changes to make sure you can supply a wide variety of customers. For anyone looking for a vegetarian bratwurst in the UK this is a very good alternative indeed.

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Juicy Vegan German Sausages to Cater for Your Range of Customers

These are high quality vegan hot dogs for the discerning customer. Our products are all of premium quality. Our premium vegan hot dog is made in Germany and free of preservatives. We definitely advice our customers to consider these alternative options to make sure that a wide range of their customers are being catered for.

Made in Germany and Free of Preservatives

Our vegan hot dog sausage are made in Germany and totally free of preservatives (see pic on the right). We have go to lengths to make sure that we source our product from the best suppliers so when they reach your premises you can rest assured that customers are being offered only premium quality.

Vegan Bockwurst Sausage Ingredients

Option to Buy Vegetarian Hot Dogs in Bulk

Let The Sausage Man be your supplier when it comes to vegetarian hot dogs. We have carefully selected our veggie hot dogs and other products with vegan customers in mind so you can rest assured that when offering your range of German sausages or quality meats you can also cater for vegetarian and vegan customers. Being thoughtful of dietary needs is both flattering and a must!

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Need Advice Choosing Your Vegetarian Sausages?

We are more than happy to offer our customers advice to make sure they feel happy with the products chosen from our brochure as well as quantities and varieties needed. Obviously the vegan sausages are a must for any businesses in the catering industry, but we also supply many different types of German sausages and German products. Please contact us for more information.

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All our products are of premium quality from award winning suppliers in Germany. Our prices are also highly competitive! Contact us today with your query and we will be happy to help you with your particular needs and advice you on the perfect products for your establishment!

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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As distributors we offer great prices. Remember you can buy in bulk.

Our vegan sausages are 100% naturally beech wood smoked!

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