The Flexitarian Sausage Option

Where does The Sausage Man’s vegan option fit in?

With the UK quickly becoming aware of the importance of waste reduction and sustainability, more and more people are considering making lifestyle changes in order to positively impact the planet. For those of us who aren’t quite ready to commit to such a drastic change as converting to vegetarianism or veganism, the options might seem a little slim in this ‘all or nothing’ climate.


Enter the flexitarian diet: the in-between that aims to implement these environment-conscious changes in a way that is manageable for every consumer and every food business looking to stay on their toes ready for the next big trend. It is the diet that opens its doors to everyone without sacrificing its contribution to sustainability.

This dilemma of ‘do or do not’ change isn’t just affecting the consumer but encouraging businesses to seriously consider the range they offer to their customers. Here at The Sausage Man, our primary focus is offering premium, authentic and well-sourced German delicacies across the UK and, most importantly, this must include every diet and preference across the nation in an ever-changing market.

The Sausage Man Vegan Hot Dog

So, let’s have a look into the world of statistics. How big is the share of the non meat-eaters and where is the trend moving?

Diet demographics

Almost three quarters (73%) of Brits are carnivores. Three per cent are pescatarians, who limit their “meat” intake to fish.

A further 3% are vegetarians and 1% are vegans.

Some 14% – twice as many as pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans combined – say they are flexitarians, which means that they mainly follow a vegetarian diet but occasionally eat meat.


More than two thirds of flexitarians are actively
trying to cut down on meat

Almost seven in ten (69%) flexitarians say they are actively trying to reduce their meat
consumption. Those who aren’t are presumably content with the amount they currently eat.

This desire is not unique to flexitarians: 26% of meat-eaters who don’t identify as flexitarians
also report that they’d like to cut down on the amount of meat they eat.

“I am actively trying to reduce my meat consumption”



This is a share of the market, that cannot be ignored.

That’s why we at The Sausage Man Provide you with the best and cost-effective Flexitarian sausage / vegan sausage available

On our search for insight into the appeal of our vegan sausages, we spoke to our customer Samantha Ware, a small business owner from Tonbridge (recently voted the ‘most flexitarian’ town in the UK), she explains the increasing importance of variety as a food business owner:

“It really makes such a difference to have the variety on offer. You’ve got to keep with the times as a business.” Samantha, who owns The Equestrian Kitchen, a vintage horse trailer conversion providing catering across Kent, says.

Flexitarianism is about awareness and making changes in the way that suits the individual. Samantha continues to stress that this theme should run through in every aspect of her business, from the delicious dirty fries on offer to the afternoon tea sessions: “I aim to have a vegan option for each menu item—it is really ‘on trend’ at the moment, so you’ve got to give everyone the choice.”

This idea did not simply strike from the blue; it was influenced by the way in which Samantha’s family dines at home, highlighting the importance of listening to your audience of consumers.

“As a mum of four, we’ve started having meat-free meals one night a week. One of my children isn’t a big fan of meat but everyone in the family really enjoys it. I read that only 1% of people who dine out are vegan, and it really shocked me how few options are out there sometimes.”

So, where do sausages come into all of this? Our new Vegan Hot Dog was designed to tackle this fickle market. Made from smoky seitan, seasonings and—you guessed it—zero meat content, this tasty bite gives every diet the opportunity to have a delicious, premium sausage option. It not only bridges the gap over introducing more sustainable choices into a meat-eating diet, but also serves as a gorgeous tasting option for those of us who have already transitioned into a meat-free diet.

Simply put, much like the flexitarian diet, it welcomes in customers of all preferences and requirements with that same, premium flavour that can be found across our range. It is not only a delicious, meat-like option for vegan food businesses, but an increasingly essential option for the modern restaurant, caterer or retailer.