Are Air Fryers the Future?

As the purse strings are tightening, more of us are looking to save money where possible. So we questioned, is there a way to cook more efficiently? Enter the air fryer, the new revolutionary cooking method. Becoming known as a quicker, alternative oven, that will help save you money. Therefore, here at The Sausage Man we wanted to test the air fryer out and see how they work. Our questions were, how good are our sausages when air fried? And, what else can we create with it?

Cooking a simple sausage

Cooking one of our Frankfurters or hot dogs in an air fryer, could not be simpler. Just pop the sausage in, turn the heat to 200 and leave to cook for around 5 minutes. But if you cook from frozen, add an extra 3 minutes on. Also, at the halfway point we recommend flipping the sausages.

After that short space of time you will a deliciously browned sausage, ready for consumption. Now all you have to do, is decide your toppings and sides. So far this cooking method is great, less equipment, cleaning and time, sounds ideal to us.

More than a simple air fried hot dog

We mastered the sausage cooking technique pretty quickly, therefore it was time to be adventurous. Next we made sausage rolls. Yes, they can be cooked in an Air fryer! Even better, you only need three ingredients; puff pastry, a sausage (we used the VW Currywurst) and a dash a milk. And the cooking steps could not be simpler:

  1. Firstly wrap the frankfurter in the puff pastry,
  2. After that, cut the sausages rolls into the sizes you want,
  3. Next, use a fork to close the edges and a knife to slightly slice the tops of the rolls,
  4. Lastly, brush milk over the sausage rolls and place them in the air fryer on a medium heat, for around 10 minutes.

After that, you will have the most delicious sausage rolls. We can guarantee they will not be around for long, the ones we made were gone in seconds.

Note: if you use the VW Currywurst make sure you remove the artificial casing first.

Air Fryer Fajitas

Moving on from the classic party snack, the next dish facing the efficiency test are Mexican fajitas. Firstly chop up all your ingredients, including the Chilli Beef Frankfurter. Then, mix your chopped ingredients in a bowl with some seasoning. Of course we then cook this in the air fryer, for 15 minutes. Finally, build your wraps with your toppings and choice of sauce. Place them back in the fryer for a couple of minutes creating deliciously crispy wraps. After that you will have superb Chilli Beef Fajita’s air fried to perfection. In fact, cooking this way is a healthier alternative, as you do not need to use any oil.

Efficiency is the way forward

In conclusion, we are now hooked on Air Fryers! Honestly, the Sausages tasted amazing when cooked this way and we were surprised by how versatile they are. We found ourselves with an all in one hob and oven. This cooking method is faster which, most importantly, makes it energy saving. We will definitely be using ours more often, so follow us on TikTok to keep up to date with our Air Fryer Hacks. And get your sausages today and show us what you create in your air fryer.