Best Hot Dog Sausage UK: Why German is Always the Best Option

If you are looking to purchase premium quality hot dogs, The Sausage Man is your best option. Why? We're German... all the way! We choose from award winning butchers in Germany and we import these superb high quality products from Germany on a weekly basis. It just can't get any better than that. The best hot dogs in the UK can be found at The Sausage Man. Please visit our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

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We believe nothing beats German when it comes to hot dogs. NOTHING.

Not just 'any' butcher...

Ok, so probably most butchers in Germany would sell high quality products in terms of hot dogs and sausages when compared to other places. We're not saying other hot dogs and sausages are not good... We're just saying German ones are better. No, really, jokes aside, we've been engineering and perfecting these products for a long time! What has made them SO GOOD is simply how fussy we Germans are when it comes to hot dogs and sausages. We push and push until the product becomes the best version it can ever be. Again and again.

The Sausage Man makes sure to import its delicious product range from award winning butchers in Germany. Do you know what this means? It means we stock the best from the best, literally. So, when you bite into one of our hot dogs and/or sausage, you're literally biting into a piece of heaven. We eat our sausages at work ourselves, constantly. We absolutely love them!

Not just 'any' ingredient...

All the sausages and hot dogs we import into the UK have been tried and tested. We also come up with our own recipes, thank you very much (yep, we're very proud of these particular ones!). In general though, our hot dogs and sausages are, simply, unbeatable. Every ingredient has been carefully selected and cleverly mixed to create an explosion of flavours. Everything is of the highest quality and standards; all the ingredients have been superbly mixed in order to end up with a perfect finished product. 

Best hot dogs in UK with The Sausage Man
Best hot dogs in UK with The Sausage Man

We believe German hot dogs and sausages are simply the best. 

Just about any size!

It gets better. Most hot dogs and sausages we import can be made into any size you like/want/need. Not every catering and food business would settle for the standard size. Sometimes you really need to delight your customers with something different that sets you apart from the competition. Ask away, we will most probably be able to satisfy your needs when it comes to hot dog and sausages custom sizes!

We're simply the best

We provide an incredible range of hot dogs and sausages and import them from Germany on a weekly basis. Our premium quality hot dogs are loved by our customers and we get fantastic feedback again and again. Whether you have a hot dog stall or own a high end restaurant here in the UK, our hot dogs and sausages are ideal for your discerning customers.

Try today!

Still not convinced? Try a sample box (only for food related businesses). Give us a call today or send us an email. We can also help you choose from our varied range of hot dogs and sausages.

You can trust that we have experience supplying to distributors throughout the UK for many years and we take pride in both our customer service and the quality of our sausages.

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