Bratwurst and hot dogs

Bratwurst are Not Hot Dogs!

Some people think Bratwurst and hot dogs are the same sausage. But they're not! While both hot dogs and the bratwurst come from Germany, there's a huge difference when it comes to these two types of sausages.

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There's a Big Difference Between the Two

Both hot dogs and the bratwurst are sausages. And, we are proud to say, the best hot dogs originate from Germany, as well as the bratwurst (more on the bratwurst here). They both taste great with mustard and can be served in a bun. But basically there's where similarities end.

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The bratwurst is made with veal, beef and pork. The seasoning consists of coriander, nutmeg, ginger, caraway or lemon zest. Also known as 'brats', these German sausages are very popular and loved by many people across the world. They have been made popular throughout many different countries and they are still considered one of the great German exports when it comes to hot dogs and sausages.

The texture of the bratwurst can be a little heavier and coarser than the texture of the hot dog. They are very versatile when it comes to cooking methods (the bratwurst can be grilled, roasted, boiled, etc) and tastes great when served with a pickled topping like sauerkraut. ​

​Hot dogs are also known as frankfurters (original from the city of Frankfurt). It has become a very popular dish in the U.S. where hot dogs are usually made with beef. The hot dog meat has been processed in a different way; you can also find hot dogs made with turkey or chicken.

The hot dog's meat is smoother than the bratwurst's meat. They have already been cooked when purchased, as opposed to the bratwurst which has to be cooked although many people like to steam the hot dog or use the Bain Marie method for that great snap.

​Let's face it, we find it difficult to choose as they're both fantastic sausages!

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