Bratwurst are Not Hot Dogs!

Bratwurst sausage on wooden board

There seems to be a bit of confusion over the difference between the Bratwurst and a hot dog, with some people thinking that they are the same. But they’re not! While both come from Germany, there is a huge difference when it comes to these two types of sausages.

Hot dogs and bratwursts are both sausages. And, we are proud to say, the best ones originate from Germany. They both taste great with mustard and can be served in a bun. But that is where the similarities end.




This sausage can be made with veal, beef or pork. The seasoning consists of coriander, nutmeg, ginger, caraway or lemon zest. Also known as ‘brats’, these German sausages are very popular and loved by many across the world. They are well liked throughout many different countries and are considered one of the great German exports when it comes to sausages.

The texture of the bratwurst can be a little heavier and coarser than the texture of the hot dog. They are versatile when it comes to cooking methods, grilled, roasted, boiled etc. They always taste great when served with a pickled topping like sauerkraut. ​

BBQ Bratwurst Sausage Sharing Platter

Hot Dogs.

Hot dogs, also known as frankfurters (original from the city of Frankfurt). They have become a very popular dish in the U.S.A, where hot dogs are usually made with beef. Whereas traditionally in the UK you are more likely to find them made with Pork. You can also find hot dogs made with other meats such as turkey.

Hot dog’s meat is smoother than the bratwurst. Normally, they have already been cooked when purchased, as opposed to the Bratwurst. Many people like to steam the hot dog or use the Bain Marie method to create that great hot dog taste.

​Let’s face it, we find it difficult to choose as they’re both fantastic sausages!