The Bratwurst VS Frankfurter War!

Let the battle begin…

Find answers to all those unanswered questions below.

BBQ Bratwurst Sharing Platter

Sausages have long been regarded as a staple food in Europe, whether as a standalone dish or part of a comprehensive meal. Yet, sausage is a generic term, used for a meat option far more complex than what meets the eye.

There are multiple options found on the open market, as a result each one has its own intricacies. But the two being compared here are the Bratwurst and the German frankfurter.

So, Bratwurst vs Frankfurter, what does each one encompass?

Starting with The Bratwurst…

Firstly, let’s begin looking to the origins of the Bratwurst. This is a sausage found in Nuremberg back in the 1300s and it has long been a part of German cuisine. Usually coming in three variations: pork, beef, & veal; with each one providing its own value.

The beauty of this sausage stems from it’s flexibility. For instance it can be used in many different ways. Even within Germany there are over 40 methods of preparing Bratwurst!

Each chef/butcher has their own meticulous approach to maximising the taste, flavour and ultimately value of this sausage.

The bratwurst is well-known for being thick and long (averaging 15-20 cm) making it a significant part of any meal. In addition, the Bratwurst juicy but coarse in texture. However, there is a certain balance to it that is hard to find in any other sausage. Above all, the Bratwurst adds true texture to any meal it accompanies.

In other parts of the world such as the United States, the bratwurst can often be spotted at baseball stadiums. As a result of the sausages coming over with early German immigrants and have remained a mainstay.

Up next, The Frankfurters…

The Frankfurter is another German sausage and could also be referred to as the Vienna sausage.

This is a sausage far more common in most parts of the world. It has the regular thinned outlook with a slippery/smooth surface and a certain ‘bite’ to it. Compared to the bratwurst, it is usually not as large nor as coarse with its texture (however bare in mind there are many different sizes available, for example, the Jumbo Frankfurter).

The delicious Frankfurter is well regarded in North America. While, the bratwurst is often limited to sports stadiums, the Frankfurter is far more common. It is spread all across the continent and can be found in countless variations.

Furhtermore, there are numerous methods for preparing the Frankfurter, similar to the Bratwurst. However, Frankfurters can be cooked in Bain Maires, whereas this is not a method we would recommend for the Brawurst.


And the winner is…

So, what is it when it comes to Bratwurst vs Frankfurter?

After having looked at the beauty in flavour, texture and popularity each one has. Therefore, we have decided in the end it is down to individual preference.

Whether you prefer the Bratwurst or the Frankfurter, the appreciation of sausage as a delicious dish in Europe is continuing to rise. Countless meals are prepared using these items and continue to be cherished around various parts of Europe to this day.