Cooking Korean Kogo with Chef Philli

Learn how to make this Asian-inspired Korean Kogo with Chef Philli. Master Chef Professionals 2020 finalist, Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin, joined Lamb Weston and The Sausage Man to create some fantastic dishes for you to cook and try at home. Scroll down to find the full recipe and check out the video here now!



Korean Kogo

In Episode 1 of Cooking with Chef Philli, our star takes us (figuratively) to the street food stalls of South Korea with this amazing Kogo recipe. South Korea has some fantastic national dishes. “Bibimbap” (one-pot rice, meat and veg assortments, often topped with a sunny-side-up egg) and “Bulgogi” (Korean BBQ Beef) are some of the most well known. But the influence from international cuisine, particularly the US, shines through in street food dishes like the Korean Kogo.

Dare to be Different

Inspired by her own experiences in South Korean street markets, Chef Philli created this recipe using Lamb Weston’s Seasoned Crispy Cubes and The Sausage Man’s own Giant Chilli Frankfurters. Simple to prepare and impressive on a stick, the Korean Kogo is a great option for anyone looking for a dish that’s undeniably different to the norm.

Great with a Beer

As Chef Philli points out: the Korean Kogo is “meant to be eaten with a beer at the end of the night”, or maybe with some Soju outside one of South Korea’s famous convenience stores (over 18s only – please drink responsibly). It makes for a really great snack at any time of day, and is a great option for bar food too. Like most food on a stick, the Korean Kogo leaves your other hand free to hold your beverage of choice. As with any recipe as indulgent as this, we would always recommend enjoying your Kogo (and your drink of choice) in moderation. 

Cooking with Chef Philli - Korean Kogo

A South Korean take on the American Corn Dog. Giant Chilli Beef Frankfurters rolled in diced potato Crispy Cubes and deep fried, to make a handheld street food snack. Easy to prepare and impressive on the plate, with meaty sausage and fluffy potato all in one. This simple recipe for a Korean Kogo is great for professionals and home cookery enthusiasts alike!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Author: Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin



  • Korean Kogo Batter
    Start by preparing your batter. It needs to be a little bit thick, because it needs to stick to the sausage and potato. Add your plain flour, corn starch to give it that light elasticity, a bit of baking powder and sugar. Mix together these dry ingredients before adding in your egg and milk. Your milk will help loosen it up, then add a pinch of salt. Give everything a further mix, adding more milk as you go, until the batter has a smooth and stretchy consistency. Leave the thick batter to rest for 30 minutes.
  • Prep your Potatoes
    While your batter rests, take your potato Crispy Cubes and chop them up. The Crispy Cubes from Lamb Weston are good, because they're already diced, so you only need to chop them a little bit more. You need to get your potato pieces small enough so that they fully coat the sides of your sausage.
  • Skewer your Sausage
    Take your Giant Chilli Beef Franks and cut them in half. Unless you can find sticks big enough to hold the whole 28cm sausage, in which case go for it! Insert your skewers into your Frankfurter halves and set them aside, ready to go!
  • Dunk & Roll
    Pour your sticky batter into a tall glass, to make it easier to dunk and coat your Franks. Stick your sausage into the batter and pull it out. Then roll it in your potato Crispy Cubes until it's totally coated. Place your fully coated Frank into your deep fryer while you prepare the next one!
  • Serve Your Korean Kogos
    As soon as your Korean Kogos are crispy and golden brown, they're done. Take them out of the fryer, and leave for a moment to cool a little before serving. Cover generously with ketchup and mustard, or provide dip pots for dunking, then serve. It's messy street food that looks and tastes delicious!