German Ready Meals

Our new product range

We are very pleased to announce that our new range of exclusive German ready meals are now available to order, with more options coming soon!  

By Popular Demand 

We get a lot of requests for the German dishes that our customers can’t find anywhere else in the UK. Sometimes from our German customers craving a taste of home, or from forces veterans missing the dishes they had while stationed in Germany. A lot of our customers have either lived in or visited Germany and found they loved the food. That’s how they found The Sausage Man, after all, and that’s why we love going the extra mile to deliver. 

Truly Tasty 

At The Sausage Man we would never sell something we haven’t tasted ourselves, and this is true of our German ready meals too. We have travelled across Germany in search of the perfect dishes, ensuring they are both easy to prepare and of exceptional quality. After many tastings and much deliberation, we found the perfect supplier. We can say with certainty that every dish in The Sausage Man ready meal range meets our exacting standards, balancing quick reheating times with truly tasty results.  

Award Winning Master Butchers 

The butchers we ultimately decided to use for our German ready meal selection are renowned in their field, having one multiple awards – many of which for the dishes we have selected. All of the meat they use is sourced locally to their premises, based in several locations spread across Southern Germany   

Handmade Family Recipes 

All of the German ready meals in our range are made using authentic family recipes, passed from master butcher to master butcher for generations. Every meal is prepared by hand, in a real German butcher’s kitchen, so you know you’re getting the most genuine German cuisine. We’re proud to be delivering even more speciality foods directly to your door, and we hope to have even more options for you to choose from soon.      

Putenrahmgeschnetzeltes | Carved Turkey in a Creamy White Wine Sauce

Succulent carved turkey breast smothered in a creamy white wine sauce. This great German ready meal serves two, and goes great with egg fried rice and a peck of pickled peppers.

Schwäbische Linsen | Swabian Lentil Ragout

A fantastic German lentil broth that makes a great meal for one. Also perfect as a starter, or mixed with spätzle pasta to make a main meal, for two.

Kalbsrahmbraten | Roast Veal in a Creamy White Wine Sauce

Delectable cuts of German roast veal, covered in a delicious creamy white wine sauce. Suitable for two with sides, or for one with a big appetite!

Gulaschsuppe | Beefy Goulsah Soup

This hearty Goulash soup makes a satisfying meal for one, or serves two as a starter. Serve with crusty bread and some lescho sauce on the side.

Bolognese Ragout | Meaty Pork & Beef Bolognese Sauce

A staple in German cuisine, much as it has become in the UK, this Bolognese sauce is perfect with spätzle pasta and a chunk of garlic bread.

Rinderbraten | Braised Beef in Burgundy Sauce

Thick and juicy slices of roasted beef, covered in a rich and flavourful Burgundy sauce, serving two people. This German ready meal is great with potatoes or rice and a side of puszta salat.

Rinderrouladen | Beef Roulade in Red Wine Sauce

Two cuts of beef rolled with a pork belly, pickle, and onion filling. Served in a complimentary red wine sauce. Serves two and goes great with spätzle and paprika pickled peppers.

Schweinebraten | Braised Pork in Malt Beer & Onion Sauce

Tasty cuts of tender roast pork, braised in a malt beer and onion sauce. Serve with schlachterkraut and bratkartoffeln, but never with apple sauce if you want to keep it a German ready meal 😊

Wildgulasch | Meaty Venison Goulash

Large chunks of tender German Venison in a thick goulash sauce. Serves two with sides like spätzle and lescho, but would also go great with rice or potatoes.

Sauerbraten | Pickled Beef in a Sweet & Sour Red Wine Sauce

Four thick slices of German marinated beef in a red wine sauce, with the sweet and sour flavour combination that’s famous across Germany. Serve with roast potatoes and a healthy helping of rotkohl.