Introducing our NEW American Beef Steaks. The best thing about our new steaks is the quality of the meat, all at the top of the USDA scale. Prime and Choice. Only the best meat is chosen to create these delicious succulent steaks. With 6 steaks to choose from, as well as an entire 2.5kg roast. Steak fans are going to love this new selection!

What is the USDA Grading System?

In the US meat evaluation has become something of an art form. There are 8 beef quality grades within the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grading system. However, most people are only usually aware of the top 3: Select, Choice & Prime. To gain these top accreditations the beef must be evaluated by USDA meat graders. Following the criteria based on specific characteristics, only then can beef be awarded its USDA grade. Other grades include Certified Tender & Very Tender, Standard & Commercial, and Process Control Certified. The Sausage Man USDA Steaks are selected solely from the top two grades: Choice and Prime. 

USDA Beef Qualities

American USDA Beef Steak is graded with two main criterium: Quality and Yield. The Quality of the meat tests the tenderness – how juicy it is and, of course, how flavourful. The Yield looks for the amount of usable lean meat. The marbling on the meat also comes into play here. Once your meat has a USDA grade shield you know exactly what the quality and flavour will be.

USDA Choice Beef

To gain a USDA Choice Beef grading shield, the meat has to be top quality. In appearance you will notice there is less marbling when compared to a prime steak. Delicious tender and juicy steaks, complete with a rich beefy flavour. 

Choice Beef Steaks might be a more cost effective option than Prime, giving you almost as much quality for a more budget-friendly price. Both Choice and Prime meats are well above your average everyday cuts, and are well suited to special occasion dining.  




Choice Beef Ribeye Smoked



Choice Beef Filet



Choice Beef Ribeye

Making Sense Of Marbling

When it comes to grading, marbling counts for a lot. The more marbling the higher the USDA grade.

It’s called “marbling” simply because it resembles a marble pattern on the surface of the meat. Marbling describes the thin white streaks of intramuscular fat within the lean parts of the meat. Providing the steaks with phenomenal flavour as, once cooked, you’ll notice that these white streaks disappear and melt into the meat. Find out more about Pan Cooking and Grilling these beautiful steaks in our handy guides now.  

USDA Prime Beef

You may recognise the name. Even though less than 2% of American beef receives the Prime grade, “Prime Beef” has become a phrase synonymous with top quality. With an abundance of marbling, USDA Prime is the highest grading beef can receive.

The meat comes from younger well-fed cattle, which have a perfect lean to fat ratio. Noticeably more tender, the USDA Prime Beef Steaks are the best pieces of meat you can get. Once tasted, never forgotten. Prime meat is the ultimate treat for any occasion!



Prime Beef Filet



Prime Beef Ribeye Smoked



Prime Beef Ribeye



Prime Beef Roast