Mini Vienna Hot Dog: The Party Sausage!

Cocktails, parties, buffets, charcuterie platters and more. This mini hot dog is just perfect for almost any occasion. Party means mini hot dogs and we're proud to bring the best quality ones all the way from Germany. What a treat! 

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There's no Party Sausage Like the Mini Vienna Hot Dog!

We're well known for all our quality sausages and premium hot dogs, but we're particularly proud of the mini Vienna hot dog (also known as chipolata) because we know it adds such a touch and variety to any charcuterie platter! There's no party without the mini hot dog and we like to make sure we're an important solution to your buffets, party dinners and more.

Mini Vienna Hot Dog or Chipolata Sausage Wholesale

Many Ways to Prepare it - Don't be Deceived!

This sausage is not just a pretty face - there are many ways in which you can prepare it, we've looked at a few recipes that can help you stand out when cooking it (even though it is already pre-cooked, but you can still find many interesting and new ways to serve it).

The Popular Mini Sausage Rolls

This dish is very popular in the UK. Mini sausage rolls can be found it practically every party around the country. It is also a must during Christmas time. We found a mini sausage roll recipe that we think you'll like. 

Wholesale Mini Vienna Hot Dog Cut in Half

If you prefer to follow images and video, this recipe here will show you how to make the lovely mini sausage rolls step by step. Give it a try.

Finally, here's a youtube video on how to make the mini sausage rolls step by step so you don't miss out on the details. See what you think. 

Beautiful Any Time of the Day 

This mini hot dog is not just for breakfast. It becomes the perfect snack at any time of the day. A great little nibble to be had when feeling peckish. We totally love it. Check out these great ideas for hot dog recipes.

Mini Hot Dog Sausages in Bulk

Beef or Pork? How About Both?!

Yes, we supply this wonderful mini sausage in both beef and pork to make sure that nobody misses out. 

Perfect Snap Every Time

Beechwood smoked for enhanced flavour, amazing tasting notes, really nicely seasoned for that lovely touch - as you can see this mini hot dog is a great all rounder. In natural sheep casing and with a great snap, with premium quality meat, you can't go wrong. 

Steam, Boil, Grill or flat grill, and Pan Fried 

The cooking alternatives are endless. Try also the recipes we linked to above. A very versatile hot dog!

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