Ultimate BBQ Bundle

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Start summer right with the ultimate BBQ food bundle

Ultimate BBQ Bundle

Enjoy the ultimate BBQ this summer with the Ultimate BBQ Bundle from The Sausage Man. We’ve elevated our range so there’s even more to enjoy, including our delicious brand new burgers. Our BBQ food bundle is ideal for anyone looking for a full selection of sausages, burgers, sides, accompaniments and condiments for their next feast. Break out the coals and dust off the BBQ grill this summer and enjoy some of the tastiest sausages and burgers from our range.

What’s in your Ultimate BBQ Bundle?

We’ve included all of our favourites in the Ultimate BBQ Bundle. If you’re searching for ‘bbq food for party’ – look no further, this bundle has it all. We’ve of course included our Bratwurst XXL and Krakauer Frankfurters, as well as our Vienna Beef, Chilli Beef and Cheese Frankfurters. Everyone loves burgers on a BBQ – which is why we’ve included our delicious new beef burgers, flavoured German style. That’s not all, you’ll also get Pork Shoulder Steak in a tasty mustard sauce and our BBQ Pulled Pork, so order the Ultimate BBQ Bundle today!

What about the toppings?

You can’t have the ultimate BBQ without having some great condiments alongside the meat. The Hot Dog Sauce and Hamburger Sauce will be the only sauces you need this season. But you do need some toppings, whether you like the sweet and sour taste of schlachtekraut, or maybe you prefer the appley red cabbage? Perhaps you like to add a little gherkins to your burger. Either way you can create your own gourmet hot dog or burger with the sausages in our BBQ multipack and then accompany it with your own choice of side and sauce. Clean off that BBQ and get cooking!

For more nutritional information about each of the items in this bundle, please refer to their individual product pages.


If ordered today, this product will be delivered on September 22, 2021 or your chosen date at checkout

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Bratwurst XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 08/06/2022

Bratwurst - A traditional German sausage. Natural casing for the great snap with a lovely pork filling. Perfect on a BBQ!

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Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 12/05/2022

A signature dog of the Sausage Man. Beautifully smoked pork frankfurter with bacon bits, that provides outstanding texture and flavour.

In stock

Cheese Frankfurter XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 08/06/2022

The ultimate frankfurter for any cheese lover. A perfect blend of beechwood smoked pork frankfurter and creamy Emmental cheese. The best cheese dog.

In stock

Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter 28cm

160g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 16/11/2022

Chilli Beef Frankfurter - The ultimate all beef frankfurter with fiery chilli flakes, creating a spicy sausage with a serious kick.

In stock

Vienna Beef Frankfurter 20cm

100g | Pack of 5 | Best Before Date: 01/02/2023

A great beef steak taste contained in smoked sheep casing for that extra crunch. The ultimate beef frankfurter with the beefy taste of New York.

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Beef Burger - Seasoned German Style

100g each | Pack of 6 | Best Before Date: 17/12/2021

These burgers are made of 75 % beef, with a sprinkle of onions and seasoned German style. Deliciously seasoned in a German style with a mixture of herbs and spices. Elevating the standard burger and creating beef burgers that are bursting with flavour.

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Big Rib - German Spare Rib Pork Burger

115g each | Pack of 6 | Best Before Date: 15/06/2022

Brand new to The Sausage Man, this "Big Rib" spare rib style burger is an incredible addition to your BBQ. Great for making stacked sandwiches, and beautiful with a bit of Korean BBQ sauce, this schnellimbiss favourite is sure to please!

In stock

Pork Shoulder Steak in Herb Marinade

150g each | Pack of 4 | frozen | Best Before Date: 22/01/2022

These exceptional Pork Shoulder Steaks in Herb Marinade are a little different to our regular products. These steaks are raw, not precooked, and arrive with you frozen (as always). They’re extremely quick to grill, and you can cook them just the way you like them. Each of these new Pork Shoulder Steaks are marinated in award winning sauces from Germany, prepared by authentic German butchers, and taste absolutely delicious. Simply thaw, grill and serve!

In stock

BBQ Pulled Pork

300g | Pack | Best Before Date: 16/07/2022

In stock

Homann - Hot Dog Sauce

450ml | Squeezy Bottle | Best Before Date: 27/10/2021

Our wonderfully aromatic hot dog sauce, is the perfect topping for any hot dog. With its fine sweet onions, it also rounds off burgers and steaks.

In stock

Homann - Hamburger Sauce

450ml | Squeezy Bottle | Best Before Date: 13/01/2022

In stock

Hainich Apfel-Rotkohl

German Red Cabbage with Apple | 720 ml, 650 g | Tin | Best Before Date: 19/11/2024

In stock

Hainich Gewürzgurken - German Gherkins

German Pickled Gherkins | 720 ml, 670 g | Jar | Best Before Date: 18/07/2022

In stock

Hainich Schlachtekraut

German Butcher's Cabbage | 720 ml, 650 g | Tin | Best Before Date: 18/11/2023

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