Hot Dog Toppings: Sauerkraut Adds Zing! 

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A Discovery Journey!

Are you tired of always eating hot dogs with the same toppings? There is an entire world of new toppings waiting to be discovered. If you love trying new food combinations, there are plenty of toppings you could try, and we very much recommend sauerkraut as a delicious option for both the taginess, flavour and how well it mixes with your hot dog.

Sauerkraut will make a fantastic hot dog topping. Even though it might not be everyone's favourite, it is advisable that people would give it a try before thinking they won't enjoy it. Sauerkraut is one of those toppings that will become a favourite after trying a few times (think of pickles). It's particular flavour will really suit the flavour of the meat of the hot dog together with the bun. If you are grilling hot dogs, you will find that sauerkraut is a perfect addition to the grilled flavour of the meat. Give it a try.

Mix & Match for More Flavour

You can easily purchase sauerkraut in stores and in delis (we sell it wholesale) but making your own is easier than you might think. Sauerkraut is made from cabbage that has been fermented in a jar. You can add different vegetables and seasonings to make your own sauerkraut, which is in itself an exciting way of getting creative in the kitchen while at the same time preserving a vegetable that will last a long time!

Sauerkraut can be the only topping that you put on your hot dog because the flavour is rich enough. However, you can add a few other toppings if you want to create a more unique hot dog. Honey mustard would, for instance, be a good addition if you enjoy a combination of sweet and sour flavours (and, to be honest, who doesn't?)/

Great for Picnics, Barbecues and Parties

Sauerkraut makes a great addition to your picnic or family gathering because it is easy to transport and can be served as a side besides being used as a hot dog topping. You can also use sauerkraut as a hot dog topping if you have a small quantity of leftovers.

You should give sauerkraut a try if you have been wanting to try a new hot dog topping. This is the perfect hot dog topping if you enjoy the sour type of flavour. 

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