Sausage Gift Cards Are Here

Fully customizable, order in advance, sausage gift cards for every occasion. 

Give the gift of Sausage

Sending a surprise order of sausage is likely to be a welcome gift for any occasion, we know, and we stock two different sausage selections that are perfect for this purpose. But what do you get for the more fussy sausage eaters in your friendship group or family circle? Four words: Sausage Man Gift Cards.


Children at Christmas Fair

Sausage for every occasion

The Sausage Man is very pleased to announce that you can now buy customizable gift cards from our online shop. You can even schedule their delivery up to 365 days ahead. This means that you can order Sausage Man gift cards for all of your friends and family members in one go, and we’ll deliver in time for every sausage-worthy special occasion in your calendar.

This is true for all of the items in our range – not just gift cards. So you can send or receive any of our German sausage, and other speciality foods, up to a year in advance. Sausage for birthdays, Mothers’ or Fathers’ days, sausage for anniversaries and certainly sausage for Christmas. Sausage makes every celebratory moment even better.  

Say it with sausage

Can’t find the right words to tell someone how you feel? Our advice is to say it with sausage. You may remember the “Love Sausage” popularized by a well known UK retailer for Valentine’s Day 2019?

At The Sausage Man we know that sharing the sausage is sharing the love, and we do it all year round. Share sausage, or sausage gift cards, with your loved ones and they’ll truly know how much you care. Because you can upload your own images to Sausage Man gift cards, you can show and not just tell.

Share the sausage

The other benefit of buying your friends or relatives Sausage Man gift cards, is that there’s a chance they might want to share their order with you when it arrives. Barbecues are better with company, after all.

There are a number of ways to improve your chances of getting that garden party invite. Boosting the balance to the top of your present buying budget being the obvious one. You could also customize your gift card messaging to include a subtle hint… Like a photo from your last barbecue – particularly if it includes the gift card recipient. Or just a simple calendar shot, highlighting the weekends you have free?

What’s their sausage?

Everyone has that one friend or relative who’s just impossible to buy for. You know they like sausage, but you’re not sure what type of sausage. Now you’ve known them so long that it would be awkward to ask at this point.

We know how embarrassing it can be when you proudly present your friend with Bratwurst, quietly confident that you’ve nailed it this time. Then later you learn that they really prefer Paprika Debreceners. Well, with Sausage Man gift cards you can eliminate all risk of embarrassment. Your friend will be able to select the perfect sausage for themselves.

Gift sausage

A sausage gift card might be preferable if you need a solution now though, as the results always speak for themselves, and you can order right away. Find out more and order your Sausage Man Gift Cards now.