Our team travelled over to Munich to discover a taste of Germany in one of its truest forms… the 187th Oktoberfest

It was no easy feat, getting from London to Munich on the final weekend of the official Oktoberfest. Flights were booked, trains were cramped, but the atmosphere was alive.

Already at Heathrow, signs of trachten (traditional Oktoberfest outfits) could be seen. Passengers had decided to don their Lederhosen on board, and gentle songs of the fest could be heard.

The noise quickly increased as we made our way to the Theresienwiese, a large park in the centre of Munich, that on a normal day is peaceful, calm, and ideal for a stroll through Munich.

But not today. What we witnessed when we walked under the Oktoberfest gate blew our mind.

Although the rain was relentless, and the cold was biting, our spirits were high. We’d prepared ourselves for this. We arrived to a sea of Dirndls of all colours, lederhosen decked out with chequered shirts, hats and scarves galore.

Then came the food.

It’s impossible to explain just how well we ate. The Oktoberfest prides itself with the most delicious food, of the highest quality. It boasts organic food, with regional produce, as well as vegetarian and vegan options too.

We started with a traditional Bratwurst in bread roll, and swiftly moved on to the Schweinebraten (Roast Pork), Currywurst, and finished with the Ochsensemmel (Ox in a roll). And this was just day one…

All this, paired with the crisp taste of a cold Münchener beer, made for the perfect meal. It’s said that Oktoberfest guests drank a total of 5.6 million beers, and we feel we very much contributed to this score.

The Sausage Man can safely say we look forward to returning next year to embrace more of the delectable foods from our heritage.

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