The Sausage Man Meets Bermondsey Bierkeller

Bermondsey Bierkeller transports you from the middle of London, to a traditional German Bierkeller. Bringing you all the elements that we love, great food, drink and music, plus a lot of fun mixed in. This venue is something truly special that you do not want to miss out on. So, round up your group of friends, book a table and embrace the fun.

Stand out from the rest

You could look at the Bierkeller as just a standard restaurant but they are far from it. With games vaults and live music, Bermondsey Bierkeller know how to turn this ‘restaurant’ into a lively venue.  Jim the General Manager explains:

Its not your typical restaurant where you go just to enjoy the food, although that’s definitely part of it. We like people to come here for the experience.

Everyone’s favourite

With German Nationals seeking out Bermondsey Bierkeller, searching for something to remind them of home, the bierkeller lives up to all expectations. The feedback Jim receives is how amazed they are by the authentic quality of the food. Of course you do not have to be a German national to enjoy this venue, many British  customers walk in looking for an unique experience and food.

Dancing on the tables encouraged

Bermondsey Bierkeller is all about the high energy fun experience. Starting with the delicious food and drinks. They also have games vaults where you can challenge your friends to a game of shuffleboard or maybe darts is your choice. Plus there are DJs and Oompah bands regularly in the venue. Which, of course encourages plenty of dancing and, in true bierkeller fashion this must also be done on the tables. Watch the video below with our trip the Bermondsey Bierkeller.