Meeting Heavens Grill and Bar Fulham

Did you know German products are for life, not just for Christmas? Heavens Grill are showing us this exact fact. Located in the grounds of St Johns Church Fulham, Heavens Grill and Bar orignally a Christmas Market stall but now an all year round love Bavarian Beer Garden. 

Bavarian Beer Garden

Heaven’s Bar and Grill are bringing the true taste of Bavaria to Fulham. Open all seasons serving traditional German sausages. Bratwurst, Krakauer Bacon, Cheese Frankfurters and Chilli Beef are all on the menu. Plus you can grab yourself a pint or cocktail at the same time.

Max from Heavens Grill told us:

‘We are serving the lovely German sausages which are very, very popular. Also with German’s that live in the UK, the feedback we get is, Wow this is a proper Bratwurst, I have missed these.

Served the Bavarian Way

The classic way to serve German frankfurters is in a white crusty roll. But this roll needs to be smaller than the sausages. Do not ask us why, but this is the traditional way. Topped with a generous helping of sauerkraut, and your choice of sauce. You then have a classic German sausage ready to go. A simple yet tasty, and popular concept.

Iced Mulled Wine

Another fantastic treat Heavens Grill and Bar are bringing to the streets on Fulham is Iced Mulled Wine. Sounds strange but do not knock it until you tried it! Pop over to the bar and give the chilled version of Mulled Wine a go. It is a great refreshing summer drink. Watch the video below to find more about our visit to Heaven’s Grill in Fulham.