The Sausage Man talks about the Pork Bockwurst Frankfurter

Pork Jumbo Frankfurter Bockwurst wholesale sausages

Q&A with The Sausage Man about the Bockwurst Frankfurter

Q: Firstly, could you start by telling us about Bockwurst? What makes it so popular?

It has always been the number one hot dog in Germany. Above all, it’s a very versatile hot dog, the Bockwurst can even be used if you have an American theme.

Q: How long have you been importing this product?

Ssince the beginning, in fact a whole 10 years ago now. Here at The Sausage Man, it is refered to as the Jumbo Pork Frankfurter. We found this description to be more popular with our UK customers.

Q: How did you choose the butcher for this product? Tell us a about your selection process.

We tried and tested a variety of award winning butchers. Of course, they all produced good quality sausages. But, in the end we decided that we had already produced the best Bockwurst ourselves. To date, this is proved by the sales of this delcious hot dog.

Q: For customers who are new to German sausages. Please explain the difference between the Bockwurst and the other traditional German sausage, the Bratwurst?

The difference between a bratwurst and a bockwurst is quite simple.

Firstly, the bratwurst is a pork sausage, flavoured with herbs and spices such as marjoram and ground caraway seeds, it is pre ­cooked but not smoked. Truly a great BBQ hot dog.

Secondly, the bockwurst includes all of the usual frankfurter properties but does not have the herby flavours. Similarly to the Bratwurst it is pre-­cooked but, it is smoked afterwards. You can cook the Bockwurst in any way you desire, in fact it can even be steamed or cooked in water.

Finally, both types of German hot dogs are gluten ­free.

Q: But why should I choose your bockwurst over other wholesalers versions?

Because we have the best bockwurst! We already have many Hot Dog and American themded establishments purchasing from us.

Q: Can I buy them in bulk? And what would the minimum order be?

Yes, you can buy in bulk, just like all of our other products. The minimum order for our commercial customers is £125.00

Q: Can you please give business owners who are thinking of stocking this product a few tips. What can they tell their customers about it?

Like the rest of our products, the bockwurst are made in Germany. Truly a delicious smoked pork frankfurter. The sausages are also gluten free and pre-cooked. Really easy to cook and always a winner on the BBQ.

Q: Are there different varieties of bockwurst, if so, do you offer these?

Traditionally, the bockwurst is made from veal or pork. Ours are made from pork meat with bacon bits throughout.

Q: Finally, I have to ask. Personally, which German sausage do you prefer?

I love all of them but my preference can change weekly, dependant on my taste buds. In short, the bockwurst, vienna beef and cheese frankfurters usually top my favourites.