our favourite sausages!
The sausage Man Team on their fav bangers

Q: You've been importing German sausages, hot dogs and other German premium product for years now. You eat your own products regularly, can we discuss the staff's favourite Sausage Man bangers?

Very clear, the most popular staff sausage is the pork hot dog straight. Everyone seems to like it. No chilli, no garlic taste. Just a very good seasoning and lots of meat…

The staff's favourite sausage is probably a different one every time. The current number one is our Giant Beef Chili sausage, popular with staff friend and neighbours. But basically any sausage that is considered to be part of The Sausage Man range is always popular when new!

Q: Which sausage is your favourite, how often do you eat it, and how many can you actually eat in one go?

Well, my belly is growing and that’s not because of the salad field around the corner. My favourite product is the beef chili. But I also like very much the bacon frankfurter or paprika chopped with spaetzle… I can easily eat 2 medium size sausages in one go.

Q: How about the rest of the team, can you tell us what they like most, how often they eat it and how many can they actually eat in one go?

We always have some sausages in our staff fridge. The average is around 2-3 times a week that at some point someone can't resist. As soon as we cook a tray of sausages and leave it in the staff kitchen it disappears pretty fast also. I have seen a Sausage Man delivery driver coming back from a long tour and he was cooking 4x giant sausages for himself. That’s 600g of meat!

As we employ a number of different nationalities, the all have their own favourites, amongst others they love the beef versions, or Halal poultry, the cheese griller is very good and of course the all time favourite bratwurst and Thuringer bratwurst. Our staff can eat whenever they are hungry and choose any type; in one go I guess no more than one because our sizes are big and quite filling.

Q: Over the years, have your tastes evolved? And has this influenced your choices in the products you import?

Certainly, we learned more about flavours and herbs and especially the texture (meat being used). When choosing products we also coincide. Funnily, this week I like the beef chilli but maybe next week I rather have a plain bratwurst for lunch.

By now we have become experts on good sausages which helps us to make the right choice when selecting a new product for our range.

Q: The 3 sausages you would take to a deserted island...

Well, this happens every year. It’s the slim pork frankfurter, bacon frankfurter and cheese frankfurter. When we fly to Thailand we bring those ones to our friends in Bangkok and from there they find their way to the most remote places. If I was going myself to such a place then the practical bit would come through which is choosing the pepper bite salami because they can be stored ambient, have a very long shelf life and they taste cold from the packed delicious too.

Others would take the original Thuringer bratwurst, the cheese sausage and the beef chili sausage for variety. Maybe one more made of chocolate as desert 🙂

Q: Your dream sausage to add to the brochure next!

Well it’s a dream and most likely stays one. It would be an ambient storable frankfurter with 12 month shelf life but tasting as good as our fresh sausages.

Also perhaps a pork and garlic sausage, cos’ I am a big garlic fan, lol.

Q: Finally, how many products do you see in your brochure in 5 years time?

We always lunch new products so likely we offer around 60 selected products by then.

Definitely a lot more than now.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!