Beef Hot Dogs from The Sausage Man

Beef Hot Dogs UK: Our Beef Hot Dogs are the Best Option. Here's Why!

There's something special about a good beef hot dog. And at 100% beef ours are just an incredible option for any catering business. Check out our testimonials page to find out what our customers say about us.

Beautifully Tasty Hot Dogs

We’re well known for our beautifully tasty hot dogs and German sausages (and other German premium products). Why? It’s all about the high standards for us. We make sure we keep an eye on ingredients, quality in general and everything and anything to do with each single product we import. Yes, over the years we’ve become synonym of quality; easy to see why when you taste our products!

We’re Very Proud of This Particular Dog!

We’re very proud of our beef hot dogs. In fact, we truly believe we’re your best option when it comes to this delicate sausage. If you’re looking into sourcing beef hot dogs in the UK from a butcher you trust, look no further. You found The Sausage Man!

Beef Hot Dogs in the UK: 100% Beef Meat & Beechwood Smoked

Get a feel of our beautiful beef hot dog wholesale and see if we’ve convinced you about sourcing it from us. 100% beef meat (not 99.9% but 100%!) and amazing flavours because it has been smoked with beechwood.

A Great Variation: Say Hello to the Beef Chili Hot Dog

For those who are looking into a spicy variation, how about our fantastic beef chili dog? Available in one size, 160g – you get 10 pieces per pack. Its natural ship casing makes it a great choice, 28cm long and pre-cooked (check the video here). As you can see, absolutely ‘flavourful’! Worried about it being too spicy? Well, it is just right in terms of spiciness. Grill it to perfection (or also panfried) and delight at this wonderful sausage.

Available in 3 Sizes

1. 18cm 2. 26cm 3. Footlong So you can impress your customers with a great selection when it comes to different sizes. Looking for a custom size? Talk to us. We can probably provide it for you.

How About our Beef Vienna… We Believe it’s a Must

Check our beef Vienna here and here. At 82% beef and packed with tastiness, this natural ship casing sausage at 20cm long is already pre-cooked so perfect for BBQ or flat grill. Panfried or cooked in the oven is also an option. Try with crispy onions and curry ketchup. Delicious. **Available in one size. Check our testimonials and see for yourself!

Whichever Way You Look at It, The Sausage Man is the One-Stop-Shop for your Hot Dogs & Sausages

If you’re looking for great quality products The Sausage Man is the place to go to. Not sure about the best product for your catering business? Give us a call or send us a message; tell us what you’d like to offer your customers or, if you’re not sure, tell us the ideas you have in mind and we can most definitely help you out in your hot dog business venture.

Thinking about a hot dog franchise in the UK? Yep, we can provide you with the whole equipment too! Whichever way you’re thinking about growing your business, we’re here to help.

Our beef hot dogs come in different sizes  
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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