Now you can also engage with us via our social media channels.

At The Sausage Man we take our Social Media approach seriously.

We like to engage with our customers and also people in the business: the idea being that we can all help each other grow.

We’ve been actively working on our social media channels this year to make sure we can offer an even better service to our customers.

Some channels have proven more challenging than others, and even though we put a lot of time and effort on each of the channels it is not easy to promote our company socially due to the vast amount of ‘noise’ that populates the Internet nowadays. Here’s a little on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels for those who also have an interest in growing socially.

One of our favourite ways to approach people in the industry is to look out for other companies similar to ours as well as catering related businesses; as it happens, the world is turning into an ‘big online buzz’ and we love to be part of it!

Our social media manager likes to liaise with accounts that we feel offer interesting insights to the world via the medium of the Internet – we also want to see what they find engaging so we can provide conversations with our own views, ideas and general thoughts. It is an exciting world we live in at the moment and we want to make sure we’re part of it by making our contribution as and when we can.

We would like to grow as we go along and we see this task unfolding on an ongoing basis: adding interesting articles we think audiences could engage with and getting more followers as we go along, indefinitely. The idea is to expand our online presence and be part of an ever growing community via the magic of the Internet.

Recently we’ve decided to look at different avenues for an efficient social growth. A company looked promising: Boostlikes, so we’ve decided to give them a try. They are different to other companies in the sense that they manually promote pages, so we’ve decided to give them a go and see for ourselves if this is something that works for us.

The idea is to keep trying different approaches and assess what works best for our marketing efforts. That way we can reach a bigger audience over time and adjust our online voice/message to what really resonates with audiences today.

If you would like to connect with us via our social media channels please find the links on the footer of the site. Thanks!