The Delicate Weisswurst: Interview With Suppliers The Sausage Man

In this article we discuss with The Sausage Man what you need to know about the Weisswurst sausage if you're thinking of buying it wholesale. It is becoming increasingly popular and a must if you're holding an Oktoberfest event. 

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Interview With The Sausage Man

Q. Weisswurst is a very well known sausage in Germany. How does it 'sit' in terms of popularity in regards to the rest of the sausages?

The Weisswurst is the most typical Breakfast sausage in Bavaria and is probably the most popular sausage there.

It is also available in other parts of Germany but less popular compared to others such as the Bratwurst.

Q. Weisswurst is part of your product range. Being Uk's premier hot dog suppliers do you find there's some 'room' for this type of sausage?

There is a lot of demand for the Weisswurst in the UK, especially as it is an integral part of any Oktoberfest menu.

We have probably never sold as many Weisswurst as this year. It seems to be getting more and more popular nowadays!

Q. What exactly is it made of?

Weisswurst is made of a mixture of finely minced pork meat and veal Meat mixed in with fresh parsley. It is truly delicious.

Q. Define texture and flavour

The Weiswurst has a very fine texture and a subtle meat flavour as the mix with veal makes the pork flavour less strong. 

You also get the hint of the fresh parsley, it’s a really delicate flavour.

Q. What would the equivalent of this sausage be in the UK?

I couldn’t tell. As the Weisswurst is such a unique item we haven’t come across any similar sausage here in the UK.

Q. How long have you been importing it?

We have been importing the Weisswurst since the very beginning, although back in the days, we probably sold only a few to the German community as it wasn’t as known as it is nowadays.

Q. What makes your particular Weisswurst better and/or different to others?

There are many producers of Weisswurst in Germany and all are good and fairly similar, as they have to stick to strict guidelines in order to name it Weisswurst! As it is a breakfast sausage by tradition, in Bavaria it must be eaten before 12noon on the day it is made. The shelf life is usually very short, but ours is preserved to last longer so we can import it to the UK. Our regular customers all seem to be very happy with the quality of our Weisswurst.

Q. Best way to eat this sausage

Now that’s a tricky one. The Weisswurst is traditionally eaten with a Pretzel on the side, the skin has to be peeled of, and the inside of the sausage dunked into a dollop of sweet mustard ( which we also supply) and then eaten.

Q. Best way to cook this sausage

The best way is to gently simmer the Weisswurst for about 8-10min.

Q. What would the Weisswurst add to someone who is looking into expanding their product range?

It would be an interesting addon, but a definite winner with everyone who loves the Bavarian tradition and also pretzels and wheat beer.

Q. How do you think a caterer/restaurant owner/food business owner should promote this sausage?

They should promote the Weisswurst as the most traditional sausage of Bavaria.

Q. Do you sell it only to German related businesses or are other types of businesses in general interested in adding this to their product range?

Of course we sell this item to everyone who is interested in it. Our mission is to make it more popular.

Q. We must mention Oktoberfest here because the Weisswurst is such a big part of it. What role within the menu does it play exactly?

There wouldn’t be an Oktoberfest without the Weisswurst on the menu, ask the bavarians.

Q. Many people don't know this sausage is eaten as part of the traditional Bavarian breakfast. Any comments on this?

Everyone should try it at least once, and have a big steins of wheat beer with it!

Q. Do you include this sausage in your sample box?

It is normally not part of the sample range, but we will do if we are asked for it.

Q. What would the minimum amount be for bulk orders?

Any amount, we can supply it as part of an order. As long we as we get the minimum order overall.

Q. Your favourite way of eating it!

the traditional way, before 12noon with a pretzel and sweet mustard!

I suggest, our readers should try them to get an idea of their delicious taste.

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