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15 Years „The Sausage Man”
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Food for Thought – The Sausage Man Celebrates 15 Years in the UK

German Sausages are not only talk of exciting events, but are fast becoming the most popular way to capture repeat business

You know the Muffin Man, and now, after fifteen years in the UK, The Sausage Man has well and truly earned his place in the food trader hall of fame. After fifteen years of doing business in the UK, the wholesaler has certainly made his mark on food businesses across the UK, serving the traditional German meats and delicacies to the ever-demanding British pallet.

Many food traders from every corner of the British Isles are quickly discovering the opportunities available with these delicious sausages, not least their ability to bring customers back to their stalls and restaurants time and time again.

It all started with a question: “Why can’t I find quality German sausages at events in England?”. This was the question ringing in the head of German ex-patriate after many years of living in the UK. After yet another experience where he was served a disappointing substitute after asking after a quality sausage like he would find back home, David Rundel, founder and owner of The Sausage Man UK Ltd decided it was well and truly time to put his entrepreneurial spirit to work.

Here, he found his niche. At the time—besides premium supermarkets–there just wasn’t anywhere to find quality German sausages in the foodservice sector. After identifying this gap in the foodservice market, The Sausage Man UK was launched in 2005. The Sausage Man found its humble roots in a mobile catering van in Lewisham Market in London and was ready to take off.

By 2011 they were supplying over 300 businesses in the UK – including the German Embassy in London – despite not being a focused wholesaler.

The Sausage Man made the decision to expand in 2012, taking on a team of new staff to join their German sausage family.

Shortly after that year The Sausage Man would become the leading wholesaler of German sausages in the entirety of the UK.

Another expatriate who has been with the business for over 10 years, Michael Juska, is the Managing Director and heart behind the business operations at The Sausage Man.

Now based in a huge warehouse and distribution centre close to Bluewater in Kent, The Sausage Man has a fleet of vehicles completing daily deliveries all around central London. Their reach extends beyond London, however, sending sausages through third party couriers all over the country and back into Europe.

Nowadays, The Sausage Man sell over seven million sausages every year with over a thousand commercial customers relying on them for their business needs.

The products are served at all major events in the UK including Glastonbury, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park & Luna Cinema

Food traders up and down the country are constantly on the lookout for that special product that will help them carve out their niche. It’s a tall demand that sits at the forefront of every trader’s business and finding an easy solution here in the UK can sometimes mean navigating tricky and time-consuming negotiations with wholesalers.

Here in the UK, the German business culture is held in high regard, where efficiency and effectiveness are the key pillars of any successful product model. It should be unsurprising, then, to learn that this extends to their food as well—if you’ve ever tried a traditional Bratwurst at an Oktoberfest event or Christmas Market, you’ll recognize the distinct, savoury quality.

What’s more, the versatility of these sausages is fantastic; take the Sausage Man’s traditional Bratwurst for example.

Providing a huge portion at 25cm long and 150g in weight – or even 30cm and 200g in the footlong version – this kind of big bite is bound to catch the eye of any show-goer on the way past a food stand.

Toting a mainstay of over fifteen different sausages, combining different sizes and catering requirements, you really can trust The Sausage Man to help your menu grow with customer demand.

The Sausage Man team are always on the end of the phone offering advice, a simple and effective ordering system and bespoke recipes for those who are curious and excited about the potential of the delicious German delicacies.

Footlong sausages, a brand-new kids party range, classic and mouth-watering German sausages, hot dogs and canapes: there really is a limitless amount you can do as a caterer.

All the products are precooked and frozen, locking in that exquisite flavour for up to six months in the freezer. All you need to do is defrost and heat to order making preparation simple and quick for fast-moving food trading business.

You can rest easy knowing all the products are approved by local health authorities and safe to eat cold, so health and safety is made simple.

With the coming of Brexit and political confusion surrounding trading laws, you can count on The Sausage Man to stick around for the long haul. They have ensured every avenue has and will be explored in order to continue providing the well-loved hot dogs to the UK.

So, just how is this translating to profits for businesses? The formula is incredibly simple: quality products attract customers time and time again.

The Sausage Man’s meat sausages are all completely gluten and filler free. Made simply from the highest quality meat, spices and flavourings, The Sausage Man promises you won’t find better German Sausages anywhere in the UK.

If you’d like to hear how The Sausage Man can help you find your success in the food trading business, give us a call today.