Bratwurst Footlong 30cm

200g | Pack of 10

£13.90 per pack

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875ml | Squeezy Bottle


The ultimate German sausage. This sausage of choice in Germany has just been taken to the max, with this footlong version. Expect exquisite pork and herb filling, with a natural casing for the ultimate tasting experience.

Also available in the XXL 25cm.

Product handling

Cooking times

5 minutes from chilled. 10 minutes from frozen

Cooking instructions

Grill, Griddle, Oven, Deep and Shallow Fry (Just to Colour the Sausage)

Shelf life

When goods are received, please store in freezer immediately and defrost the items before using. Once defrosted, keep the items chilled, if unopened use with 14 days. Once opened, use the products within a few days.


The sausage is 100% pre-cooked, just heat and serve or even eat cold. Risk free.

Nutritional information

Our Pork hot dog is 100% filler and gluten free.


Pork (86%), drinking water, table salt, spices (contains CELERY), spice flavour, seasoning, MILK,
dextrose, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate; sugar, stabiliser: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose,
diphosphates; glucose syrup, antioxidants: ascorbic acid, acidifier: citric acid; natural pork casing.

Allergen advice


** Despite very carefully structured production processes, the producer cannot exclude the presence of traces
of allergens, due to the use of spices.


Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1275
Energy (Kcal) 308
Fat 28.6g
of which saturates 11.4g
Carbohydrate  0.5g
of which sugars  <0.5g
Protein 12.3g
Salt  2.2g



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