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We are fully operating and our stocks are full.

As online shopping becomes increasingly difficult with online retailers are being overwhelmed, we want to give the oportunity for  everyone to buy our top products.

Our wholesale online shop is now open for the public.

We still deliver next day from Monday to Thursday.

Our warehouse is full, we are not affected by the virus and we can deliver quickly.

No minimum order value. Free deliver to mainland UK for orders over £65 (or £40 in DA postcode area). Or collect at our Dartford warehouse

Buy our best-quality, best-tasting German sausages from £7 per kg!

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We also stock special other products like Pork Knuckles, Roesti, Spaetzle, Red Cabbage etc. which are not available in our online-shop. To learn more, please contact us.

Our product range

Our range of sausages brings various options. There is the most loved Bratwurst – with a taste that nobody could resist. Or the smoky Krakauer with bits of Bacon.

Want something beefier? Our Vienna Beef is the right choice and if you want to add a punch, use our Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter.

And for the cheese lovers, we have our Cheese Frankfurter XXL. Proper pork hot dog taste combined with melted Emmental Cheese – yeah, you want it now, straight away…

The Jumbo Brioche Roll is absolutely delicious, made with butter and free-range egg, it is super soft and tastes amazingly sweet. Top sliced and fully baked, you just need to thaw to serve, which makes it a brilliant choice of roll.

A great value option, the Classic Jumbo Vegan Rolls taste delicious without costing too much. The semolina flour on top further enhances the taste and texture to make these rolls a brilliant choice. Hinge sliced and fully baked, you just need to thaw to serve, which makes it a brilliant choice of roll.

Our Sauerkraut is ready to serve, but can be heated also. Finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented to give it the distinctive sour flavour that makes it so popular.

Pulled Pork that is already slow cooked, boneless and ready pulled. The BBQ flavoured pulled pork add an element of gourmet to every dish.

Classic Tomato Ketchup is the sauce of choice in the UK. Made from fresh tomatoes and added flavourings, the sauce is truly delicious.

And much more!