Sausages & Hot Dogs – beautifully presented

The Photo Shooting

Sausages are sausages are sausages, right?

We don’t think so – with German Sausages and Hot Dogs, there are so many varieties that you just can’t describe all of them with one word.

Our sausages come short or long in the flavours of beef, cheese, herbs and spices, smoked, unsmoked… you get the picture.

And that’s what we wanted to showcase with a special presentation of our products. So, we hired one of the world’s best food photographers – Michael Michaels – who owns a studio right here in London, and one of the world’s best food stylists – Trish Hurel – who has worked with numerous big brands such as Sainsbury’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Heinz and Harry Ramsden.

Within two days, we created a stunning series of fantastic sausage photos. It was a mind-blowing experience to see these professionals create extraordinary dishes, presenting our sausages in the best way possible. They did not take any shortcuts – everything you can see in the photos was cooked and prepared freshly onsite by Trish; and Michael, a wizard operating his equipment, produced the most beautiful photos.

Twelve photos in two days – that does not sound a lot. But it was hard work and Trish and Michael, even after 10 hours of work, were still paying attention to every little detail, with the last photo being as perfect as the first one.

Thank you, Trish and Michael, for being the loveliest people imaginable and for producing these absolute gorgeous photos. It was a pleasure to have spent two fantastic days with you!

michael michaels delicious photography



The ultimate German sausage. The sausage of choice in Germany has just been taken to the max, with the XXL and the footlong version.

Exquisite pork and herb filling, with a natural casing for the ultimate tasting experience.

Bratwurst XXL 25 cm

Bratwurst footlong 30cm

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter

A deliciously smoked pork frankfurter with bacon bits throughout, offering an amazing BBQ taste that will not be beaten.

The best-selling Sausage Man frankfurter comes in XXL and footlong size.

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter footlong 30cm

Cheese Frankfurter

The famous Cheese Krakauer. The perfect blend of beechwood smoked frankfurter and creamy Emmental cheese.

Feel the cheese melt in your mouth. A cheese lover’s dream, the very best cheese dog around.

Cheese Frankfurter XXL 25cm

Pork Jumbo Frankfurter

The classic pork frankfurter. Sensational blend of meat and herbs enclosed in a delicious natural casing for the perfect texture.

The perfect all-round frankfurter.

Pork Jumbo Frankfurter 18cm

Vienna Beef Frankfurter

83% Beef and veal for a great steak taste in a smoked sheep casing for that extra crunch
when eating.

The ultimate beef hot dog with the beefy taste of New York. Delicious taste combined with unbelievable textures.

Vienna Beef Frankfurter 20cm

Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter

The spicy hot dog with a serious kick. The all-beef hot dog with fiery chilli flakes running throughout, it is the perfect New York style Chilli Dog.

Giant by name and giant by flavour, the 28cm hot dog is full of flavour and spice.

Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter 28cm

Pork Hot Dog

The pork hot dog is full of flavour and is naturally smoked for an enhanced flavour.

The excellent price makes it a great choice if you are looking for value for money.

Pork Hot Dog 18cm

Pork Hot Dog 26cm

Pork Hot Dog footlong 30cm

Beef Hot Dog

The perfect solution for your American Hot Dog needs, the delicious all beef hot dog has a smoky flavour and is unrivalled in terms of taste and value for money.

Straight and skinless, size wise it is perfect for children, making it a great product for leisure centres, shopping centres etc.

Beef Hot Dog 18cm

Beef Hot Dog 26cm

Beef Hot Dog footlong 30cm

Halal Hot Dog

This delicious frankfurter is perfect for Halal menus. The exquisite taste is completed by the beech wood smoked taste.

100% Halal Certified and made by the oldest poultry specialist in the heart of Bavaria, Germany.

Halal Turkey Hot Dog 20cm

Halal Beef Hot Dog 20cm

Vegan Hot Dog

The ultimate Vegan hot dog option. Made from seitan and beechwood smoke, they taste exactly like a meaty frankfurter.

The perfect hot dog to supply the rapidly growing UK vegan market.

Vegan Hot Dog 20cm