Sausage Man Brings The Brats To British Open BBQ Championships

The Sausage Man is pleased to announce that we’ll be bringing the Bratwurst for the Sausage Round of British Open BBQ Championships at Smoke & Fire Festival in Colchester.

Teams from across the UK are competing for this thrilling one-off national BBQ competition for 2021. As well as the classic Sausage Man Brats, the teams will be cooking all your low ’n slow style BBQ favourites – with chicken, brisket, pork and ribs all featured in the rounds.

Sausage Man Speed Eating Challenge 

12 contestants will also be going head-to-head, attempting to eat two 50cm long Bratwursts in the quickest time possible – that’s a whole metre of sausage, around 720g, wolfed down against the clock! The fastest sausage scoffer on the day will be crowned The Sausage Man Speed Eating Champion of 2021, receiving an exclusive trophy to prove their prowess.

Smoke & Fire Festivals

The British Open BBQ Championship 2021 is being held at the Smoke & Fire BBQ Festival, Colchester Castle Park, between the 20th and 22nd of August. Tickets are on sale here.

In addition to sponsoring the Sausage Round of the BOBC, The Sausage Man will also be backing a competitive eating challenge, and handing out free samples of authentic German sausage from stand FT31 on the Saturday and Sunday. You’ll also be able to get your hands on some exclusive discount vouchers if you come see us on the day.


Mini Vienna Toad in the Hole - By Chef Philli - Three on a Board

Judge Juska

Sausage Man Sales Director, Michael Juska, has also been invited to sit on the judging panel for the British Open BBQ Championships. As a former chef from Germany and accredited sausage expert, Michael has a wealth of experience cooking (and eating) Bratwurst. He said: “I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes with our sausages. There’s so much you can do with Bratwurst – it’s an incredibly versatile sausage – so I hope the contestants take the chance to get really creative with it!

“Of course, there’s a lot to be said for simply serving up a perfectly cooked Bratwurst too. I usually just have mine with a dab of mustard, or with just ketchup and curry powder for a proper German currywurst.”

Instagram Giveaway

Want tickets to come see The Sausage Man and the British Open BBQ Championship 2021 at Smoke & Fire? We’re giving away three pairs on The Sausage Man Instagram channel now (no purchase necessary, Ts & Cs apply, closes Monday 16 August at 12pm). This Giveaway Is Now Closed.

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