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Chef's Secret Recipes: George Egg

George Egg comedian and self taught chef has taken on our signature hot dog challenge. Known for his use of ‘trashy’ ingredients combined with homemade elements and flavours from around the world. We tasked George Egg to show us his ulitmate hot dog and he delivered. His signature hot dog uses all the elements Egg is known for, trashy, homemade with global influence.

A great signature hot dog dish

Egg’s combination of trashy with homemade really pulls through in this signature hot dog.

Trashy: sauce is a key element to any hot dog and for Egg’s secret hot dog recipe he is using a non-traditional hot dog sauce. Now this white sauce is not Mayonnaise it is actually salad cream, don’t judge until you have tried this combo. The renamed white ketchup is perfect flavour enhancer in this recipe.

Secret homemade elements

The Korean classic is becoming a key ingredient in more and more recipes. So George Egg’s signature hot dog is the perfect meal to add this to. We know kimchi may look a bit weird, but the flavour is incredible, and it tastes even better when it’s homemade. And even better news it’s so easy to make, mix all the ingredients together and leave to ferment. All you will need is Korean chilli flakes, ginger, garlic and the very important Chinese leaf lettuce = mouth-watering flavours.

marriage made in heaven

George Egg has created a divine marriage made in heaven with all the flavour combinations in his signature hot dog. But the true Chef secret in this recipe are the spectrum of colours, the hot dog itself looks like a true masterpiece, Egg has truly created a feast for the eyes. So, do not wait any longer and get this chef secret recipe signature hot dog made today.

George Egg Signature Hot Dog

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Servings: 1
Author: George Egg


  • 1 Griddle Pan
  • 1 Frying Pan


  • 1 Beef Hot Dog
  • 1 Hot Dog Roll
  • Kimchi
  • Pickled Ginger
  • Korean Seaweed Snack
  • Furikake
  • Salad Cream


  • Griddle the beef hot dog for a few minutes on either side.
    1 Beef Hot Dog
  • Toast the torn edges of the hot dog roll in a pan with butter. Once cooked slice the hot dog roll open from the top.
    1 Hot Dog Roll
  • Shred the Kimchi into small sections, this homemade option is made from Korean chilli flakes, ginger, garlic and Chinese leaf lettuce. Add the shredded kimchi to the bottom of the hot dog roll.
  • Add the beef hot dog to the hot dog bun on top of the kimchi.
  • Continue to build the hot dog layers up next is the shredded ginger, crushed seaweed snack, a drizzle of salad cream and lastly the Furikake. Enjoy!
    Pickled Ginger, Korean Seaweed Snack, Furikake, Salad Cream

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