Meadow Croft Garden Centre Christmas Market Food

Situated in Battlesbridge Essex, Meadow Croft Garden Centre serves real Christmas Market Food every year. Meadow Croft holds a variety of events, the largest of these being their annual German Market & Christmas Fair. Last year we visited to see what all the fuss was about for ourselves!

A True Taste of Germany

Established in 2015 and inspired by traditional German markets, Meadow Croft draws a huge crowd from all over the region. On top of the range of products sourced from regional German artisans, Meadow Croft gets their selection of traditional German sausages, mulled wine (served hot) and Engel beers from The Sausage Man. Enjoy great quality, authentic, food for a real taste of Germany in this covered Garden Centre Christmas Market.

Meet The Meadow Croft Garden Centre Christmas Market Team:

We caught up with Ann Albon, Events & Systems Co-ordinator at Meadow Croft Garden Centre, to find out what makes their Christmas Market so magical. See the full interview in the video below:

“We got through over 17,000 sausages, which is absolutely amazing!”

“Obviously the big draw is the German sausage that we have. The Bratwurst, Kaiserwurst (Käsekrainer – Cheese filled German sausage) and the Frankfurters. Also the Vegan Bratwurst and Vegan Hot Dogs. We tried the Engel Beers from The Sausage Man. Which also proved incredibly popular with the customers, so that was a good purchase for us! As of the end of November ’21 we got through over 17,000 sausages, which is absolutely amazing!

Ann Albon

The Meadow Croft Garden Centre Christmas Market runs from 16 September to 23 December in 2022. No ticket required. Find out more about the event and venue here, then visit for yourself!

Specialists in German Sausage

The Sausage Man are specialists in sausages, charcuterie, and other premium German food and drink. We get our wide range of authentic meats and sausages from over twenty carefully selected butchers across Germany. Bringing a true taste of Germany to people all over the UK at Christmas – and all year round.

Quick & Easy Christmas Market Food

Our fully cooked, ready to eat, sausages are simple to reheat using common household kitchen appliances. Supplied frozen in most cases, benefiting from a long shelf life. One of the best-loved and well-known product is the Bratwurst sausage. Probably the most iconic of Germany’s sausages, and a Christmas Market food favourite, the Bratwurst is a huge part of our range.

Best for Bratwurst

A favourite for making Currywurst, Bratwurst sausages are a Christmas Market food staple. Our selection of bratwurst sausages are a great Xmas purchase, and can help you recreate that Xmas market flavour in your kitchen! Choose from:

Great Taste Award Winning 2022

Another Christmas Market food favourite is the ever-popular Frankfurter. Our famous Cheese Frankfurters offer the perfect blend of beechwood smoked pork frankfurter and creamy Emmental cheese. Try the depth and richness of the smoky Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter, beautifully smoked pork with added bacon delivers a wonderful texture. The Giant Chilli Beef is also fast becoming a Christmas Market one to watch, providing a warming kick with every bite! All three won Great Taste Awards in 2022!

Vegan Options Also Available

It’s important to have some plant-based options to hand at Christmas, ensuring Vegan/Vege friends and family can join in the Christmas Market fun. That’s why The Sausage Man also offers delicious vegan choices. The Vegan Hot Dog and Vegan Bratwurst are made with seitan. These are perfect Xmas Market stand-ins for the meaty options, and can both be used for making Vegan Currywurst.

Recipe For Gyoza Sausage Roll

In the Final episode of Sausage and Egg, George Egg treats us to a recipe for Gyoza Style Sausage Rolls, combining all the delicious gyoza flavours with a classic party snack – utterly divine!

Now Available in Farmfoods

The Sausage Man’s most loved products are now available in Farmfoods! Grab a pack today from your local store and enjoy the authentic German deliciousness at home!

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